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The inertial reference unit provides the technology to provide orientation and position utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) data for a wide variety of land vehicle, airborne and seaborne applications for the purposes of surveillance, target acquisition, and satellite antenna pointing.
Northrop Grumman LITEF is a supplier of inertial sensors, inertial reference, and inertial navigation systems and computers with products deployed in more than 30 countries in aircraft, marine vessels and ground mobile applications.
Development of errors in one channel of the inertial navigation system
The inertial navigation is the navigation based on uninterrupted evaluating of the position of a navigated object with utilizing the sensors which are sensitive to motion, i.
Our goal was not to reproduce the behavior of a real wing but rather to create a general model of a wing to explore how aerodynamic force and inertial force affects on deformation .
In the quarters immediately following an oil price increase, policy is much easier (the real rate is lower) for the inertial rule, but in later quarters it is slightly tighter.
L-3 Space & Navigation, located in Budd Lake, New Jersey, is a world premier provider of inertial instruments and integrated fire control systems to the global marketplace and is a major supplier of high-quality pointing, guidance, control and positioning equipment for satellites, artillery and launch vehicles serving the military, commercial and government markets.
Applanix develops systems that integrate Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies.
Navy to supply inertial navigation systems designed to provide aircraft carrier-based pilots with accurate aircraft position and targeting information.
Inertial buckle release is more apt to occur in higher speed collisions that frequently kill people or leave them with severe brain injuries.
Called inertial confinement fusion, this approach involves shooting lasers or beams of particles at a pea-sized spherical target.
13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for MEMS Inertial Sensors in US$ Million and Million Units.