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Even in prerelativistic physics, a body moving inertially has kinetic energy.
Until recently, A-10 units were incapable of guiding LGBs with onboard systems, and none can operationally employ inertially aided munitions (IAM) like the joint direct attack munition.
First, it is unknown whether the present analysis can be applied to inertially induced motion sickness (e.
An imaging seeker such as Damask can achieve "substantial improvement in the final accuracy [compared to] inertially guided weapons," said Graff.
Open-path systems are generally laser-guided or inertially guided AGVS in the U.
Most side- and end-release buckles can open inertially.
Unlike nonliving things that persist inertially as what they are, immediately self-identical and without any need to maintain their self-identity through their own efforts, living things must constantly work to maintain both their existence and their self-identity, in the face of ever-present dangers of going out of business.
Thus the chopping force has to be inertially balanced.
From this position it follows that there would be a real difference between the whole universe's being at rest and its moving inertially, contrary to the relationists' doctrine.
Additionally, on hydraulic excavator machines, we expect similar performance for our PTMEX product line using smart inertially compensated loadcell sensor technology.
t] is the characteristic velocity of the thermal circulation), flow is energetic and inertially dominated.
We will inertially consider this quite instantaneous ** * effect of the reverse translation (Newton's first law will hold, we will instantaneously neglect the gravitational field through the neutrino travel to Gran Sasso, as well as the weak characteristic for neutrino interactions with matter) via the following approach: