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Even in prerelativistic physics, a body moving inertially has kinetic energy.
The F-117's two bomb bays have internal storage for a variety of weapons, including Paveway II and III laser-guided bombs, unguided cluster-bomb units, and the inertially guided and GPS-aided enhanced GBU-27, which can also guide to a laser spot.
An imaging seeker such as Damask can achieve "substantial improvement in the final accuracy [compared to] inertially guided weapons," said Graff.
Most side- and end-release buckles can open inertially.
Unlike nonliving things that persist inertially as what they are, immediately self-identical and without any need to maintain their self-identity through their own efforts, living things must constantly work to maintain both their existence and their self-identity, in the face of ever-present dangers of going out of business.
We will inertially consider this quite instantaneous ** * effect of the reverse translation (Newton's first law will hold, we will instantaneously neglect the gravitational field through the neutrino travel to Gran Sasso, as well as the weak characteristic for neutrino interactions with matter) via the following approach:
The 240-mm S-24 BMZ is an inertially guided version of a projectile that weighs 232 kg in unguided form.
Key product enhancements in Block D include a new improved IR (infrared) camera with a factor of 3 improvement in the resolution; a new inertially stabilized turret with a factor of 5 improvement in disturbance rejection; a custom, ultra-light, Mode C transponder to facilitate airspace deconfliction; new video transmitter system; Rover interoperability; in-flight fuel measurement systems; and numerous improvements for reliability and modularity.
laser-guided, satellite-controlled, and inertially guided systems).