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The two diagonal lines have slopes equal to the measured minimum and maximum inertias of the wheelchair configurations (2 and 7 from the Table), and the vertical line corresponds to the representative maximum angular acceleration.
This article describes a method to measure wheelchair inertia ([I.
At the same time, our personal inertias are taking place inside the context of every other person's inertia, as well as the inertia of every other thing around us.
We do not have direct control over the future, but new inertias can be created and existing ones can be influenced.
For example, ballscrew characteristics that are critical for servosizing include lead, inertia (length, diameter, and material), weight of load/table, preload, thrust force (possibly caused by a cutting force), efficiency of ballscrew, and coefficient of friction between table and screw.
BSM C-series complements the company's existing neodymium servo motors, which offer low inertias for applications requiring responsive acceleration and high speeds.