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"Now we don't hear such preconditions, and this is a development that can be welcomed," he added, saying that despite that other preconditions have been issued by both the government and the opposition, but the issue has moved on from the point of inertness.
The polymer butyl rubber has many interesting properties such as its biological inertness. This means we can use it for applications in the health sector, maybe even in the human body.
The inertness of the Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) as the head of the judicial system, of the Chief Prosecutor, and of the Heads of the Supreme Courts, is also a source for alarm in Brussels.
The vessels are constructed of aviation-grade composite fibre material for mechanical strength with a coating of PFA for chemical inertness.
They were chanting slogans against the government policies and inertness. They were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans for regularization of their jobs, their job structures and other demands.
Lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC) has many comparative advantages over the commonly used concrete aggregates, for example LWAC is more fire resistant due to its verification, chemical inertness and cellular structure of the product.
The higher compression strength and inertness are the most important characteristics to enable the intervertebral spacers to support without fracturing or changing.
LSR has attracted growing attention for its heat resistance, extreme low-temperature flexibility, chemical resistance, biological inertness, and inherent lubricity.
Inertness of the reduction against the background of the global pessimism continued within the frames of the Friday trading session at the Russian exchange grounds.
The Teflon PTFE polymer contains a variety of beneficial properties: inertness to chemicals, fire resistance, weather resistance, low friction, superior release, flexibility, extreme heat and cold resistance, excellent electrical, insulative and dielectric properties, and resistance to ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), microwave, and radio frequency (RF).
"It will have filter applications worldwide, featuring the combination of high dirt-holding, relatively low cost and extreme inertness for use where chemical or radioactive attack is expected," said Monadnock's technical director Rowland Griffin.
Given the inertness of magnesium towards boron nitride, it was expected that the optimal application condition determined with aluminum would hold true for magnesium alloys.