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While wrestling with the inescapability of gendered positioning led back to attempts to define masculinity as well as to considerations of the possibility of the gender neutral therapist, there was also inevitably some engagement with the gender polarities of masculine and feminine, as illustrated in some of the previous material.
Intertextuality in this trauma narrative is therefore not limited to the suggestion of inescapability, which Ann Whitehead emphasises (2004: 90), but provides a symbolic framework with which to access 9/11.
Returning to the idea of inescapability, another similarity between Buddhist and Zoroastrian eschatologies is that nothing can intervene in the process of judgment.
111) Grant resembles Macpherson in that for both of them, the apparent inescapability of modern market society and its increasingly one-dimensional technological liberalism actually rests on a circular or spiral historical development: the more the markets grow, the more the markets make us market-people, the more the markets grow, etc.
Even his name signifies the inescapability of his personal past, as well as his role in enslaving others and enacting the degrading social fictions of race.
Rather than acknowledging that what is truly found in the search is a life of being with and in uncertainty, or what I will call faith-ing, she, instead, responds to the anxiety invoked by the inescapability of unknowing by opening her own peanuts with sledgehammers, lest she feel incompetent in her search to know and care with certainty.
In discussing the differences between vertical and horizontal transcendence, Johnson states: "there is a different notion of transcendence, which we might call horizontal transcendence, that recognizes the inescapability of human finitude and is compatible with the embodiment of meaning, mind, and personal identity.
The difficulties of articulating ah oppositional voice from within the inescapability of hegemony are beautifully explored in this chapter.
But beyond their obvious annoyance and the inescapability of the campaign noise, I fear that the negative campaigning we're seeing all the more frequently does long-term damage in two ways.
A similar moment of pleasurable befuddlement occurs in Spanish director Eloy Enciso's first film, Arraianos, when the exquisitely documented inhabitants and rural landscapes of a mysteriously decrepit and fog-bound Galician village become the stage for portentous, Straubian dialogue about the endlessness of the forest, the inescapability of a world turned upside down, and intimations of an impending fiery apocalypse.
Easy access for the handler--for cleaning, feeding, watering, handling, catching and general observation--is important, as is inescapability, adaptability to both indoor and outdoor use if anything changes, affordability, and durability.
Since Enoch posed his argument as ruling out the normative authority of agency under any conception of the constitutive features of agency, constitutivists have responded by arguing for the inescapability of certain minimal features of agency.