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This is a movie about death in the same way that Contact is a movie about God or Barman and Robin is about merchandizing: though not the narrative's stated concern, it is nevertheless pervasive and inescapable to the extent that the film is incomprehensible without it.
The reforms of the Second Vatican Council, especially the abandonment of the Tridentine Mass, presented traditionalists with what they saw as an inescapable problem.
And she has also witnessed the victims of passive smoking who have had no option but to breathe the polluted air inescapable in pubs and clubs.
This conclusion is inescapable once one has seen the structure.
Marion Street Press has launched a contest to identify new dimwitticisms (infantile phrases, inescapable pairs, overworked words, popular prescriptions, torpid terms, withered words) for the next edition of Robert Hartwell Fiske's Dimwit Dictionary (2005).
Lobster-red lumps roasting on the mudflats, kids with skinheads fighting over a dinghy, an inescapable feeling of decay and all played out to the incessant, mind-bending strains of a wurlitzer organ.
Aside from some film posters, these are propaganda pieces; their political purpose is inescapable.
But despite these figures, StatsCan notes that attendance at religious services has fallen dramatically over the past 15 years, leading to the inescapable conclusion that the gap between nominal claims of faith and its actual practice is widening.
Holmes, a serial killer who preyed on his guests in a darkly lit hotel near the fairgrounds that boasted such odd features as inescapable vaults and a crematorium.
But they still resonated with a sort of inherent narcissism, an inescapable sensibility of libertine cool.
But the inescapable truth is that most jobs today require at least some knowledge of computers or technology.
A referendum on joining the euro is inescapable, Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy said yesterday.