inescapable duty

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In our view, extending the search to the new area defined by the experts is an inescapable duty owed to the flying public in the interest of aviation safety.
But the emergency faced by girls in Nigeria today shows why it is now an urgent and inescapable duty on our part to help ensure that victory happens quickly, decisively and without destroying irreparably the lives and dreams of millions of innocent young girls.
This view was shared by the UUP leader David Trimble who left the negotiations early saying: We have tried very hard in the course of this week to bring it home to the republican movement that it is their inescapable duty to fulfil the promises they made.
He said the speaker was not a mere post office after the 18th Amendment and it was incumbent upon her and her inescapable duty to decide if any question concerning disqualification of a member had arisen or not.
Bishop Muzorewa said: I remind the British government they now have an inescapable duty to grant independence to Zimbabwe.
Today, there is an inescapable duty to make ourselves the neighbor of every individual, without exception, and to take positive steps to help a neighbor whom we encounter, whether that neighbor be an elderly person, abandoned by everyone, a foreign worker who suffers the injustice of being despised, a refugee, an illegitimate child wrongly suffering for a sin of which the child is innocent, or a starving human being who awakens our conscience by calling to mind the words of Christ: 'As long as you did it for one of these, the least of my brethren, you did it for me' (Matthew 25:40)" (Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, 27).
Moral striving by one's best lights remained an inescapable duty, but no one, not even America, could escape complicity in the sins of the world.
And here we have an inescapable duty to notice also that war is profitable, whereas the means of peaceableness, being cheap or free, make no money.
The document affirms that "today, there is an inescapable duty to make ourselves the neighbor of every individual, without exception.
What Mr Arkell should have told his girls was that if they want children then it is their inescapable duty to look after them properly, taking full, personal, responsibility for their upbringing.
In the memory of this unlucky young man, our inescapable duty is to unearth the reasons that caused the tragedy.
Each day shows more clearly our inescapable duty towards those millions of innocent and unnamed victims, to accept individual responsibility, to purify and renew the nation through a great repentance.