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They also serve a secondary purpose, that of countering arguments from non-Christians who claim that Christianity is inescapably other worldly in its concerns.
In the modern world, economic sovereignty for small nations is inescapably limited and political sovereignty is largely symbolic.
It is an inescapably subjective process - one that has helped us to survive, but that sometimes gets us into more trouble, because we often worry too much about relatively smaller risks, or not enough about bigger ones, and make choices that feel right, but that actually create new risks.
The regional outbound market is evolving and inescapably requires changes as we need to know and understand consumers better to be able to market to them.
This leads inescapably to the First Law of Sustainability, "that in a resource-constrained environment, goods and services can only grow at the rate at which their resource intensity can be reduced beyond that needed to balance the One Planet Equation".
Saving lives at sea is inescapably dangerous but It is astonishing to think since 1824 more than 137,000 lives have been saved - far more than have been lost - thanks to the efforts of lifeboat crews and lifeguards.
She notes that the Preface to his first issue cited the principles of Lionel Trilling as a guide for EIRC: the focus on "man as an individual with a psychological life and development that cannot be ignored; man as an ethical creature, inescapably concerned with the moral imperatives of society; man as a 'being' whose dialectic with himself and his culture informs art and literature" (ii).
Comet Gain, everything they do is inescapably British, not just the dropped consonants at the ends of words and overall pushy tenor.
Even so, there will be some inescapably traditional items on offer - including Men of Harlech and the hymn tune Cwm Rhondda.
There are a lot of skeletons in the closets of those belonging to these societies, hence they are secret; the punishment in most cases is inescapably death.
The food safety issue is inescapably linked to the ongoing revolution in U.
More Americans die in hospitals than anywhere else, and that fact has inescapably changed the experience of dying for patients and their families.