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Yet obesity is a condition that is regarded as both inessential and stigmatized, falling through the cracks of the revised immutability.
We have to ensure that import of all inessential items are curbed," he said, replying to a debate on the appropriation bill and price rise in the Rajya Sabha.
You try to take out any inessential ingredients as you go through and put it together.
It allows an initial inessential commonality, not dependent upon who one is but rather upon what one does with what one thinks.
Sometimes the preoccupation of editors with the appearance of a composer's notation and performance directions tends to obscure the meaning of these symbols or to convey a misleading impression of essential and inessential details in a musical text.
Between us, no deceptions, nothing inessential - we'll be fighting forever.
Believers should never be asked to set aside their beliefs, as if their faith is inessential to who they are.
While the text marks the culmination of the creative process in the poet's mind, largely a process of narrowing, of filtering out the inessential, it marks the point of reversal of this process in the mind of the reader.
Generalization must supplant incessant conceptual investigation of matters presumably inessential, or, more accurately, not quintessentially essential, to the core analyses the critic desires to highlight.
Senators said many of the projects were inessential, such as bicycle and jogging paths and municipal swimming pools.
In addition to these desiderata, Lamarque says that artworks are public and perceptible, and have some essential and some inessential properties (but have them objectively); and no artwork is eternal, 'not even those that are types' (61).
The Metallica-backed version of You Really Got Me is the most inessential reworking of a song ever conceived.