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It was by stripping all that was inessential from life that one discovered the authentic God and in the process the authentic self.
He covers identity: between creation and recycling, the historical background to Arabized Jews; Arabized Jews in modern times between interpellation and exclusion, globalization and the search for inessential solidarities, and white Jews and black Jews.
We have to ensure that import of all inessential items are curbed," he said, replying to a debate on the appropriation bill and price rise in the Rajya Sabha.
The carrier s CEO Jan Palmer stated: The sale of Estonian Air's main building is part of the company's restructuring process, that will see us sell fixed assets that are inessential to commercial activities.
Do these references go beyond inessential to sexist?
After the huge public criticism heaped on the last "improvements" carried out there, it beggars belief that Kirklees Council should arrogantly ignore them and continue to splash out on more frivolous inessential schemes such as floodlights.
My preference is for eliminating anything inessential in my work and the idea of someone drawing on my vessels did not appeal very much.
It was a remix of the version featured on 1979 LP Eat to the Beat, but is included in its single form on 1981's The Best of Blondie, an essential purchase for most pop fans given the inessential nature of much of the group's album output, with the honourable exception of 1978's Parallel Lines.
Suggesting that content is not as inessential as McLuhan had claimed, and that the message and the medium are not necessarily one and the same, Bogost uses lots of examples from the spectrum of video games and video game history to show the art and playfulness in video games, and how games can be used for many purposes including relaxation, titillation, as advertising and branding, in work, in politics, and in many other creative and sometimes surprising ways.
As background noise it's tasteful and sophisticated but, despite the album subtitle, inessential.
As Alan Segal argues in Life After Death: A History of the Afterlife in Western Religion, Americans tend to imagine an afterlife containing what they judge to be the "best, most lasting, virtuous, and meaningful" aspects of this life and "eliminating those things" they consider "the most difficult, frustrating, evil, and inessential.
While this may be a fact, it is a fact inessential to the definition, and the decision to include it so often hints at an unrevealed authorial agenda.