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Nature has blessed Pakistan with inestimable treasures for those who are desirous of exploring.
Gator poachers, timber thieves, illegal dumpers, and other backwoods bad guys may not end up on the America's Most Wanted list, but they cause inestimable damage to the environment.
Well done to Liverpool and well done to all who work for - and are influenced by - the inestimable Whitechapel Homeless Centre.
The silver and bronze coins dating from the third and fourth centuries weighed around 600 kilograms and are of inestimable value, according to Ana Navarro, the director of the Archaeological Museum of Seville.
This reasoning completely ignores the inestimable inspirational value of Sperry's Friday-night star parties.
La muestra, que se inicia a partir del miercoles 15 de junio, ha sido posible gracias a la inestimable ayuda economica del Vicerrectorado de Investigacion de la Universidad de Sevilla, ademas del Decanato de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educacion.
Greenhead College spokeswoman Debra Todd said: "This reflects her wide-ranging interests and inestimable commitment to the good of the community in which she has lived all her life.
Ces journees mettent en exergue, a travers les differentes communications presentees par des responsables de musees locaux et regionaux, le riche et inestimable patrimoine archeologique du pays, dont des pans importants n'ont toujours pas livre leurs secrets et meritent davantage de vulgarisation pour lever le voile sur les aspects meconnus de ce patrimoine, selon le directeur du musee de Medea, Boualam Belechehab, initiateur de cette manifestation culturelle qui s'etalera jusqu'au 19 novembre.
Their topics include the role of virtual libraries in the learning process, webscale discovery tools as a solution for inestimable online resources, a case study of mapping forensic odontology literature using open source bibliographies and software, an assessment of digital library functions and services in Nigerian academic libraries, and the impact of information and communication technology among physical education students at Alagappa University in Tamilnadu.
The value of swimming for people of ages and mobility difficulties remains inestimable and the club provides a vital service to the community as the availability of hydrotherapy becomes increasingly scarce.
While the number of potential triggers is inestimable, Goldsmith believes that our environment "is the most potent triggering mechanism in our lives" and that even a small tweak in our physical environment (such as lowering the temperature or noise level in a room) can enable a significant change in our behavior within that environment.
The inestimable Lucy Spillerguts and the tireless Yolanda Yakketyyak both told us that it was Patrick Dempsey--a man otherwise known as the beau-hunky Dr.