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The Chicken-Runners' universe will implode at the convergence of inevitability and irony.
"I think at this stage of the season there is a little bit of a sense of inevitability," the Welshman said.
No, the real inevitability of this - as voiced by trust bosses, consultants, and nurses - is that there is no alternative.
Furthermore, within this context of need, interest, and experience we find our fulfillment in life not only from "the joys and beauties of human existence"--as also do advocates of some other lifestances--but from "its challenges and tragedies" as well and, yes, "even in the inevitability and finality of death." Like all successful species, human beings have evolved an ability to withstand the struggle for existence.
On the one hand, we know that it is inevitable, a biological and morally neutral inevitability. On the other hand, we view death as inherently evil.
Truxillo, a self-described disciple of Chicano-Marxist terrorist Reies Lopez Tijerina, insists that creation of this new Hispanic homeland is "an inevitability....
Scott's writing, which sometimes takes the form of vignettes and daily meditative thoughts, speaks to the inevitability of pain and disappointment.
The fascination with diversity that informed his early years seems gradually to be replaced with dread and annoyance, even if couched in resigned tones of inevitability. In a nutshell, his book is an attempt to demonstrate, in a very personal way, his contention that "democratic tendencies in higher education, while praiseworthy in many ways, have gone too far" (299).
It is, in short, his own aging and the inevitability of death for all human beings.
Even the fiercely intelligent veteran cinematographer Michael Chapman (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull), in town for a Trade Forum seminar, was completely convinced of the inevitability of digital domination.
As he puts it in his introduction (discussing his two principal subjects, Delany and Douglass), "By situating these leaders in relation to each another and by studying the ways in which their ideas and writings emerged from their personal and ideological conflicts, I hope to replace inevitability with contingency, univocal politics with pragmatic (and principled) improvisation.
Steven Goldberg, The Inevitability of Partiarchy (London: Temple-Smith, 1977).