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The Rise and Inevitable Fall of Lucas Petit is at Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, tomorrow and Tuesday; Eastwood Park Theatre, Giffnock, near Glasgow, on Wednesday; East Kilbride Arts Centre, Thursday; Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock, Friday; The Brunton, Musselburgh, on Saturday.
Relying on Section 2a and/or common law principles, some states have adopted the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine.
He particularly cited the rise of China as an inevitable fact that should be looked at not with dread but with "great opportunities.
Credit Suisse (NYSE CS) has said that company defaults are inevitable in Russia.
Yet some time in the future, a breakaway European super league - featuring the Manchester teams, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal - really does seem like the inevitable endgame for the continent's richest clubs.
BEIRUT: Caretaker Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour launched a scathing attack against President Bashar Assad's regime over the weekend in response to the Syrian ambassador's criticism of MP Walid Jumblatt, saying the regime faced inevitable collapse.
MICHAEL STEWART reckons the financial meltdown was inevitable at Hearts.
It is not inevitable at this juncture to call Raja as all main witnesses have been called and evidence taken," he said.
Unfortunately it looks like redundancies will be inevitable.
He explained how the Foundation was alerted of the inevitable change that is to come.
The eventual exit of a member state from the euro zone is probably inevitable, billionaire investor George Soros has said, but declined to name the country.
The community is struggling to come to terms with the incident, but some believe that the occasional accident is inevitable.