inevitable result

References in classic literature ?
The inevitable result of which would be concussion of brain.
It was, to my mind, the inevitable result of reading the evidence.
She had bowed to the inevitable result of proximity, the necessity of loving him; but she had not calculated upon this sudden corollary, which, indeed, Clare had put before her without quite meaning himself to do it so soon.
Have you considered, sir, what would be the inevitable result of such a meeting as this?
The inevitable result of marrying an old man; if there's any blame it rests on my husband.
Lecount that she must come off her domestic throne, to make way for a young and beautiful successor, armed with the authority of a wife, and an unpleasant scene must be the inevitable result.
I request the reader to turn to the diagram illustrating the action, as formerly explained, of these several principles; and he will see that the inevitable result is that the modified descendants proceeding from one progenitor become broken up into groups subordinate to groups.
The enlightened, cultivated, intelligent man, who supports the system of which the trader is the inevitable result, or the poor trader himself?
If this frightful discovery becomes known,' he said, 'the closing of the hotel and the ruin of the Company will be the inevitable results.
Fundamental, lastly, in Burke's power, is his philosophic insight, his faculty of correlating facts and penetrating below this surface, of viewing events in the light of their abstract principles, their causes and their inevitable results.
Coarseness and savagery are the inevitable results.
Aristocracy and fashion are certain inevitable results.