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Home Secretary Amber Rudd - understandably, inevitably and naturally - issued a statement of defiance.
Questioning the assumption that the continued growth of economic wealth, military power, and political influence will inevitably lead to Chinese global supremacy, Luttwak (Center for Strategic and International Studies) argues that the logic of strategy suggests that China will inevitably be faced with resistance from its neighbors and from other countries.
Otherwise, set the facial expressions back to mild and apathetic, which inevitably greet, say, stories about very old celebrities - gasp - dying of old age.
Good schools are a godsend for young students, and inevitably some prove more popular than others, Government league tables and Ofsted reports notwithstanding.
Beijing, Sept 22 (ANI): China has said that the US' latest decision to sell arms to Taiwan, and to upgrade its existing fleet of F-16 fighter planes will inevitably damage Sino-U.
His concern is, inevitably, with poets, writers, composers and artists but he also has a fascinating examination of the role of language, shared cultural and national values and historic legacies (myths), and, inevitably, nationalism.
Inevitably, the report has led to a political row, with Labour councillors accusing the Liberal Democrat-led Newcastle City Council of not doing enough to boost employment.
Without consciously and collectively working to maintain sustainable populations worldwide, we will inevitably face ever-increasing food shortages, starvation, wars over resources, environmental devastation, epidemic diseases and poisoning of the environment.
These proposals will inevitably result in significant numbers of people having to travel much further to access post office services.
Naturally, and inevitably, such a story will be very fully covered on an ongoing basis, being featured prominently as a page one topic much of the time.
If the CEO of an organization chooses to manage that organization unethically, there may be opportunities to disclose those ethical shortfalls to a third party but an employee must inevitably choose whether to continue working for that employer using his own moral compass.
Inevitably there is now an investigation into why nobody did anything for years.