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There'd be the odd time you'd have a gut feeling, it's a very inexact science; you're dealing with 30 variables, plus a referee, plus he length of the grass and the wind, it's very hard to predict.
Abstract: In this paper, the synthesis method of the robust feedback for the diagnostic observers of navigation sensors of the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is proposed and studied These diagnostic observers with proposed feedbacks allow to eliminate the influence of external disturbance and inexact knowledge of model parameters of the real A UV on the diagnosing process.
Duplicates can be identified based on exact or inexact matching on any field.
The author considers how diagrammatic reasoning enhances various AI programming strategies, including expert systems, model-based reasoning, inexact reasoning such as certainty factors and Bayesian networks, and logic reasoning.
Supermarkets that are careless about aligning sale prices with the exact item on sale are in danger of having shoppers conclude that inexact signs are signs of higher prices overall.
Unlike some creationists, Mr Hancock is mature enough to acknowledge that (translation being a somewhat inexact science) parts of the Bible are open to multiple interpretations.
This sensor system, which records nip width, renders obsolete time-consuming and inexact tools such as carbon paper and embossed foils.
Checking tolerances on the fly eliminates downtime to remove, measure, and reposition the tool in the milling machine, and also eliminates errors from inexact mold repositioning.
If one were to use the common, if technically inexact, sense of the term, this reference work might have been better termed Washington Lobbyists 2006.
A research paper co-authored by Bank of England Governor Mervyn King yesterday sought to penetrate the inexact world of people's perceptions.