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There'd be the odd time you'd have a gut feeling, it's a very inexact science; you're dealing with 30 variables, plus a referee, plus he length of the grass and the wind, it's very hard to predict.
Correlating capability levels to loss ratio is an inexact science," Carnahan said.
Predicting risk of breast cancer in well women is an inexact science, and women urgently need a convenient biomarker to help target preventive treatment at those with the most to gain and least to lose.
Because of the lack of international support for a return, only about 20,000 of those have returned to their communities, according to the United Nations, yet those numbers are inexact.
We note that both spatial and temporal parallelization could also be considered in the inexact and truncated Krylov subspace framework developed below.
IF history teaches us anything, it is that planning for our nation's future security is an inexact science.
Clinical and technical information in most African languages involves inexact terminology and code switching, thus lacking the explanatory power of the English language.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The transmission of the speech of UN Secretary General representative Ed Melkert was "not accurate" due to an " inexact translation," a statement issued by UNAMI in Baghdad noted today.
Doctors currently have to rely on measuring the size of the swelling - an inexact measure of risk when deciding whether patients should undergo an operation.
Abstract: In this paper, the synthesis method of the robust feedback for the diagnostic observers of navigation sensors of the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is proposed and studied These diagnostic observers with proposed feedbacks allow to eliminate the influence of external disturbance and inexact knowledge of model parameters of the real A UV on the diagnosing process.
The author considers how diagrammatic reasoning enhances various AI programming strategies, including expert systems, model-based reasoning, inexact reasoning such as certainty factors and Bayesian networks, and logic reasoning.