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Empero, esta periodizacion que lleva a cabo el esteta checo se halla repleta de inexactitudes.
De Jouvenel's translator couldn't resist a postscript, "One of the first casualties in times of discord is, as Thucydides noted, the meaning of words, and to the Thucydidean list of inexactitudes, it is time to add the current equation of liberty with security, the possession of a vote with liberty, and justice with equality .
As one of hundreds of citizens seeking justice here, I can tell you we are losing our battle with our own mayor and city councilors because we are being ignored, insulted, fed factual inexactitudes, victimized by a city manager who is making his own settlement with the developers and told by the development community that if it was a significant enough problem for the community there would have been `400 to 600 citizens at these meetings instead of 150'
The Director of South Africa's TRC, Charles Villa-Vicencio, echoed these words to underscore his argument that "the inexactitudes of peaceful coexistence and national reconciliation are more likely to be born where legal, political and moral absolutes are decalcified under the spotlight of rigorous enquiry and a creative response to political realities.
Of all the inexactitudes pedalled about jockeys, however, the most important is the thing that divides the two riders like the Grand Canyon: Fallon knows much better than Spencer - and much more than most riders - why horses win races.
Backus's observations and conclusions regardIng the "Centuries" are helpful, but these little inexactitudes and omissions are unfortunate.
In dealing with this mass of inexactitudes and approximations the social scientist finds himself in a position of no special advantage over the military strategist or any intelligent layman; and an elaborate methodology may even, by virtue of a considerable but unavoidably misdirected momentum, lead the investigator far afield.