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If in the process leading to formal reception of form, other real factors impact on the form, then the form is received inexactly and the sensor becomes that real thing inexactly.
In addition, duplications occurred when localities were inexactly estimated by one researcher, and then exactly recorded by another.
1) One such conduct book, titled in its French edition Le menagier de Paris, known in its only English version inexactly as The goodman of Paris, but more correctly translated as The book of housekeeping of Paris, is a large household compendium purportedly compiled between 1392-94 by a well-connected 60-ish Frenchman of means, an official, but not an aristocrat, for the edification of his 15 year-old wife.
As seen in line 285 (1) where S2 says "you like average out whatever you did there," though inexactly expressed, students were critically examining the motions they had made and how those motions could be modified to produce the acceleration graph that was to be matched.
103) The green and red stick analogy is commonly but inexactly attributed to Justice Cardozo.
I put again other sorts of relations--for the essential, I think, of imitation and transformation, of which pastiche and parody can given an idea, or moreover two ideas, strongly different no matter how often confounded or inexactly distinguished--which I will baptize (for the want of a better term) paratextuality (but it is also for me transtextuality par excellence).
Neither of these methods allows consistent reproduction of heating functions because the temperature is transferred to the membrane inexactly.
Physical ability is inexactly distributed between the sexes.
What Newbould has to say about the sense or competence of existing performing editions should be brought to the attention of the majority who have dealt all too inexactly with the arguments over whether Schubert's fragmentary works can be "completed" with any claim to "authenticity.
It is uncomfortably high for radiocarbon, especially when the material dated is the dusty 'black stuff', carbon-containing but of inexactly known origin, from the archaeological sites of northern Australia.
training them in everything necessary to life, in a manner so complete and so sure that nobody could ever be reproached that he knew something inexactly.
To be sure, appropriation is a touchstone of modernism, a strategy that suggests, among other issues, a belief that the plagiary of another work captures the aura of the earlier prototype, or that an inexactly quoted visual reference--a camp transformation--underscores the ironic distancing of the new presentation from the old dispensation.