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125) See Morse, supra note 31, at 10 ("Although I am generally in sympathy with claims about the inexactness of mental health testimony, its exclusion on the issue of mens rea is insupportable given the present law of evidence.
162)--the inexactness of those concepts presents substantial dangers.
led invasion of Iraq in 2003, but it was always bedevilled by inexactness.
By systematic ambiguity, I mean an inexactness (which I assume is unintentional) in their statements at numerous critical points in their writing, making understanding and evaluation difficult.
If we consider the inexactness of confidence limits, it would be expedient to present the information about reliabilities and probabilities of failures in the fuzzy probabilistic form.
Dots land with a recklessness, an inexactness she tries not to think about.
Because of the inexactness of reference intervals, most laboratorians just need to know the main recommendations for reference-interval derivation and validation published by the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).
the inexactness of market appraisal almost certainly does lead to
But, allowing for a certain inexactness in the determination of what words in SP would seem to depart from Webster's usual habits of vocabulary, we can still say that very few seem in any way unusual or unexpected, especially since conceited letters would have represented a fresh genre for the dramatist as well as involving him in new subject matter.
The wrongdoer may not complain of the inexactness where his actions preclude precise computation of the extent of the injury.
This inexactness results from phenomenally manifest noise and results in apparent violations of the transitivity of perceptual indiscriminability.