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All three patients with inexcitable nerves studies had poor functional disability score of 4 on admission and showed no functional recovery after 60 days.
In terms of neurological and functional improvement, the majority of the patients (21/24; 87.5%), irrespective of treatment with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) plus multivitamins or multivitamins alone, showed a functional improvement score of at least 1 within 60 days with the exception of three patients with inexcitable nerves on electrophysiology studies.
Muscle is electrically inexcitable in acute quadriplegic myopathy.
The inexcitable nature of the neuron cell bodies in the VL and the MSF can also be demonstrated in whole-cell recordings from the cell bodies of enzymatically dissociated neurons.
Cells in other areas of the octopus brain are similarly electrically inexcitable (Williamson and Budelmann, 1991; Miyan and Messenger, 1995).
While the plasma membranes of characean cells in the pump state and high pH state are excitable, and cells in the [K.sup.+]-state are inexcitable, we will only talk about the action potential in cells that are just at the interface between the [K.sup.+]-state and the pump state (-0.18 V), since it has been shown that the action potential is mostly due to the changes in the conductance of the passive diffusion channels and not the electrogenic [H.sup.+]-pumping ATPase (Kishimoto et al., 1985).
Moreover, axons became inexcitable within a few minutes in low [Ca.sup.2+] seawater.