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'Manifest partiality, evident bad faith, or gross inexcusable negligence are negated by the fact that accused Echiverri awarded the subject contract to RSCS only the conduct of a public bidding, and after the Bids and Awards Committee recommended that said contract be awarded to RSCS, the lowest bidder,' she added.
"The Court finds that there is reasonable doubt about the presence of the third element, referring to the allegation that, in terminating the employment of Mencide, accused Cuaton acted 'with evident bad faith, manifest partiality and gross inexcusable negligence,'" the decision read.
The fact that these documents could have been accessed by the public is inexcusable. It brings into question, what training social work staff have had in confidentiality and GDPR."
It would've been inexcusable for a 17 year old debutant to do that.
The Court also held that the Ombudsman's findings "did not show that they acted with manifest partiality, evident bad faith or inexcusable negligence." "Without applicable legal basis, the petitioners' approval of the payment of the tenants' disturbance compensation alone is insufficient to engender a reasonable belief that the petitioners have violated Section 3(e) of RA 3019," the First Division's resolution read in part.
"This is just a fundamental and inexcusable waste, this money down the drain.
'In this situation, I want to state that those actions are inexcusable especially when they have been elected by the people and on Umno's trust.
Brewers general manager David Stearns called Hader's tweets "inexcusable" in a statement and said the Brewers "do not believe that these posts are representative of his beliefs." Neither the league nor the Brewers indicated Hader would face punishment.
"In our view the UK tolerated actions, and took others, that we regard as inexcusable," the Intelligence and Security Committee said.
[United States], June 1 (ANI): Media was not allowed into the reception at Samantha Bee Event as a result of her "inappropriate and inexcusable" comment on Ivanka Trump.
YOU Whatever they'd fallen out about in the past, it's just cruel and inexcusable to take things this far.