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He added: "It is hard to imagine a more depressing and inexcusable state of affairs.
That's really not intentional" - TV cook Jamie Oliver "There is a revolting and inexcusable sense of entitlement some actors have in Hollywood.
THE way the UK Government's energy portfolio is batted from pillar to post is inexcusable, given that the oil and gas sector are so important to the economy.
No one wants these to happen, they are inexcusable.
The decision by Russia and China, in the view of the United Kingdom, to veto this resolution is inexcusable and indefensible," he told reporters in London.
Inexcusable Absence: Why 60 Million Girls Still Aren't In School and What To Do About It.
Our indiscipline was inexcusable and at one stage we were down to 13 men.
But Keogh getting outmuscled by him in the second half was inexcusable though.
It is inexcusable to keep people waiting this long," he added.
This was deliberate cruelty and quite appalling and inexcusable conduct.
Stopping is only inexcusable if the slip road becomes the inner lane of the motorway.
I take great pride in being able to exercise self control but what I did was inexcusable.