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Incredibly, and inexcusably, 10% of respondents thought this happened in 2008, seemingly confusing it with either the onset of recession or the first broadcast of American geek comedy The Big Bang Theory.
Surely Martin remembers all the attention focused on the state government's inexcusably large fleet of vehicles by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette last year.
The Party accused local community councils of inexcusably delaying the creation of beaches with wheelchair access and of breaking the law.
The second half reveals how tyrannical and selfish the free-spirited patriarch could be, and how his nonmaterialist philosophy, though laudible in a culture like ours, left his children inexcusably ill-prepared for adulthood.
At a time we again march like zombies into battle, having inexcusably failed to retain Vietnam's lessons, it stands out, flashing hope.
The tragedy here was that the necessary defence of the torture standard has been inexcusably allied to the political legitimisation of individuals and organisations belonging to the Islamic Right," Sahgal rued.
It's true that Turkey's military and political class has been inexcusably slow to come to terms with that history, and virulent nationalism -- not Islamism -- may be the country's most dangerous political force.
Kennedy Airport, stranding thousands of JetBlue passengers (including 99 on a flight that inexcusably sat on the tarmac for almost 10 hours).
We want to find ways to help so that the Central Prison can perform its role and we will work with the management towards this direction, always insisting on the implementation of our suggestions, some of which have been inexcusably delayed for many years," Nicolaou said.
Lamentably and inexcusably, China held up release of the document for six months.
The Murphy report detailed allegations against a sample 46 priests who served in Dublin between 1975 to 2004 and found several bishops, including the Bishop of Limerick, Donal Murray, who acted inexcusably in one case, mishandled complaints against priests.