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India had a lead of 252 at tea and Australia had strong hopes of tying the series, but Dhoni (55) and Harbhajan (52) benefited from the visitors inexcusably poor over-rate and regained control during a bright 108-run stand for the seventh-wicket.
The second half reveals how tyrannical and selfish the free-spirited patriarch could be, and how his nonmaterialist philosophy, though laudible in a culture like ours, left his children inexcusably ill-prepared for adulthood.
Speaking of Megan, she exhibits some inexcusably childish and vindictive behavior toward others--though admittedly she's under considerable family pressure to get accepted to Notre Dame.
The Six-ways side have been rotten at stages in most of their games this season and never more so than during last Friday's 26-21 defeat at Leeds where they inexcusably failed to implement their forward oriented gameplan.
It's true that Turkey's military and political class has been inexcusably slow to come to terms with that history, and virulent nationalism -- not Islamism -- may be the country's most dangerous political force.
Sadly and inexcusably, Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members of our Army are injured and killed in circumstances that are entirely avoidable.
Kennedy Airport, stranding thousands of JetBlue passengers (including 99 on a flight that inexcusably sat on the tarmac for almost 10 hours).
Your story about Anderson of Union Carbide is inexcusably poor journalism.
GREAT comics inexcusably missing from The Comedians' Comedian included: Max Miller, Frankie Howerd, Dave Allen, Lee Evans (right), Jerry Seinfeld, Jasper Carrott, Buster Keaton, Benny Hill.
Podgursky also asserted that the most useful standard of comparison for public school teacher salaries--the salaries of private school teachers--was inexcusably left out of studies conducted by teachers' unions.
But something else is also happening, which your story inexcusably failed to note: Today, because of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and the men and women who enforce it, more health, safety, and rehabilitation services are being offered to victimized sex workers than ever before--and by orders of magnitude.
The school inexcusably mistreated its students, leaving them little dignity.