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If Butler is right to suggest that "Violence renews itself in the face of the apparent inexhaustibility of its object," then this repetition compulsion exceeds the abattoir, as spectres of the unmourned victims who were never recognized as such incite an unconscious, angry resistance against their unrelenting ethical claim on us.
He believed that critical, self-reflective thought--when coupled with the hermeneutic inexhaustibility of cultural texts and explicit counter-hegemonic rhetorical strategies--could offer individuals the possibility of reaching an important level of autonomy in modern society.
Second, Schmitt's insistence on the inalienability and inexhaustibility of the constituent power on the one hand and his conception of the people compared to the constitution on the other imply that even in the time of normalcy popular sovereignty can reveal itself.
Adjoined to this narrative of death is one of learning to live personally with art, developing a personal canon of works that "create a desire to he inside the inexhaustibility," which they possess at "the core of their being.
Daniel Dahlstrom explains that Heidegger blamed Leibniz's principle of sufficient reason for blinding us to the 'irreducible contingency, individuality, and inexhaustibility of being' (143).
To require a clear argument or central thesis from it seems naive, almost vulgar, since its purpose seems to be to negotiate a new theoretical position from which to discuss abstract topics such as "the exhaustion of the sublime" or, still more self-consciously, "the inexhaustibility of exhaustion.
The semantic field of "minor" encompasses the following terms: change, becoming, liminality, creativity, vitality, "matter out of place" (a la Lewis Hyde), the untimely, lines of flight, affirmation of life, multiplicity, plurality, virtuality, potentiality, difference, unfinishedness, inexhaustibility, play, rejuvenation, renewal, transformation, and so on.
And since nothing is coterminous with something, since non-Being and Being are equi-primordial, it follows that the watchword for us is the inexhaustibility of life.
To be effectively interpreted, however, the work must be respected in its irreducible otherness, its presentative inexhaustibility.
On the one hand, the inexhaustibility of God's Word was matched by the inexhaustibility commentators saw in its meaning.
Affirmation of life even in its strangest and sternest problems, the will to life rejoicing in its own inexhaustibility through the sacrifice of its highest types--that is what I called Dionysian, that is what I recognized as the bridge to the psychology of the tragic poet.