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Wegh (1998: 55) correctly describes it, though inexhaustibly, thus:
Let the scholar-squirrels tug poor Ann Rutledge this way and that like a wishbone: What make Lincoln Lincoln--what make him inexhaustibly fascinating and supremely important to America and the world-are the ideas that moved him to do what he did.
He was inexhaustibly curious and reflective, with a sharply honed sense of right and wrong.
It is important to note Weinstein's qualification that he does not intend to engage in pure invention but rather to strengthen his claim: "that unmanageable trouble in time emerges as the fault line joining Faulkner's discretely disturbed life with his inexhaustibly disturbed novels" (10).
In other words, why can't Lady Clonbrony communicate with the English, while utterances and actions which she produced long ago seem to be inexhaustibly meaningful among the Irish?
John Gordon wrote in 1836 that Jackson County, Michigan had a six-mile stretch of soil with "a very black appearance and appears to be inexhaustibly rich .
Stanner, the Australian anthropologist, who, fascinated by "this inexhaustibly interesting scholar", responds to the impulse of repeatedly turning back in order "to study again and again" Durkheim's great book on religion, The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life, one of the classics of sociology because "it is constantly read and reread", providing permanent "academic refreshment and insight" (xix).
The engulfing black is dramatic, inexhaustibly mysterious, the very "heart of darkness" itself, the multi-leveled theme of Apocalypse Now visualized.
For whatever Suzman may have intended or claimed to intend in her lectures, interviews, and lengthy rebuttals to critics--a universalized, transhistorical, tragic experience delivered by an inexhaustibly relevant Shakespeare for all time who was always already against apartheid--the performance captured on film of this vexed and vexing play transcends, even, it could be said, shakes off all of her published paratextual material.
if you can divide reality inexhaustibly into parts, as the brothers did that day in that room, the result is insupportable paradox.