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Granted, presenting equilibrium GDP as the sum of a string of multiplier effects has a mechanical ring to it, calling to mind at first Johnson's characterization of the multiplier as "that inexhaustibly versatile mechanical toy" (1961,11) and Colander's distinction between "mechanistic" and "interpretative" Keynesian models (1999, 368).
Carl is inexhaustibly generous with Bud and asks only that his son be his own man.
Cary also fails to note how an orthodox understanding of the sacraments borrows from Platonic metaphysics in order to articulate the idea that a onetime event (the death and resurrection of Christ) can be inexhaustibly present in a practical infinity of times and places.
It is a lesson for the oppressed to inexhaustibly strive towards the creation of men and women who are not overwhelmed by philosophies of nothingness.
To be sure, Madonna will rise above such setbacks, and even if her label is starting to show some wear, there is simply no other ego as rapaciously and inexhaustibly fascinating as hers.
Like the spasmodic epics, it "sports an eponymous title," keeps "its action flush with the writer-protagonist's consciousness," grafts a "closet-drama format onto the first-person narrative," and is "awash in the juices of an inexhaustibly fluent imagery" (p.
Since the emptiness of the Void is inexhaustibly elastic, it offers
One of these cinephiles, Nicole Brenez, writes that "the cinema seems to me above all inexhaustibly generous" (27).
His motive, as explained by Timaeus, was nothing other than his own goodness--being good naturally, he was not jealous of that goodness but instead was inexhaustibly generous of it; he neither could (nor, if he could, would) prevent himself from sharing his goodness in the best possible way he knew how.
As China grows to be the largest potential market in the world, along with its inexhaustibly cheap labour forces, more western-based multinational enterprises (MNEs) are attracted to China.
everything somehow fused, in a way that seems miraculous to us today, in a single inexhaustibly astonishing creativity: an image of the full human being.
The examples I've considered bear out this truth--and suggest how richly, indeed inexhaustibly, various departures in poetry can be.