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(39) The inexistence of gnostic textual references and religious organizations in the first century do not exclude the presence of shared ideas within the Christian Testament and other Jewish mythic configurations.
In case 2, the older age and the inexistence of constitutional symptoms or major risk factors may have contributed to the longer delay in the diagnosis.
Precisely, an appropriate choice for the values of such gains is key to guarantee the inexistence of endemic equilibrium (EE) points and in this way to achieve the eradication of the infection.
Despite the inexistence of a considerable reduction in tensile strength (retained tensile strength of 92.6%), the exposure to thermooxidation led to a pronounced decrease in elongation at the maximum load (reduction from 71.6% to 53.3%).
Tharparkar - the most backward district of the country remained in limelight due to starvation, water scarcity, newborn deaths due to malnourishment, inexistence of health and education, etc, for the last many years.
Sur le mar musical national, il y'a une quasi inexistence d'indicateurs fiables quant aux rAaAaAeA@sultats des ventes.
The inexistence of a clear increase in MLU values with age progression in the premature children evaluated can arise from different variables: the fact that subgroups were too small, which did not assured equivalent characteristics between them, for instance, birth conditions (suffering from peri/intraventricular haemorrhage, needing mechanical ventilation, hospitalisation time ...), which could have serious repercussions on language development (4, 12).
Although I do not agree with Richard Wiseman's interpretation (2009) that the frequent "jumping ship" by psi researchers to other topics or research paradigms is based on the inexistence of psi, I agree with his remark that parapsychologists (and their graduate students) do not maintain often enough their focus on further developing a question or issue as much as they should, and as much as successful scientists even in other originally marginal areas such as hypnosis have done (Cardena, 2010).
He reiterated his opposition towards it when providing his thoughts about the inexistence of Hurricane Irma on his radio show Tuesday.
However, such a study considered this discovery as a confounding variable, resulting in the exclusion of the same in the final logistic models, in function of the inexistence of reports of this nature for the literature.
The heredity petition is different also from the personal action by which the petitioner asks the defendant to pay a debt of succession, in the situation where the defendant refuses to pay not because he would be heir, but because of the inexistence of the debt or its quashing in some other way.
Voces Nordicae, a chamber ensemble of 16 adult singers from Norway, has been inexistence for nearly 20 years and champions native music in their overseas performances.