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But, although a void contract has no legal effects even if no action is taken to set it aside, when any of its terms have been performed, an action to declare its inexistence is necessary to allow restitution of what has been given under it.
He added that Egypt has been suffering from the inexistence of a manufacturing sector.
As a professor of philosophy, Ogungbemi understands well the central role played by evidence in the debate about the existence or inexistence of God.
Most authors from the current review work for the hospital above described, where it is evidenced the inexistence of the standardization of supporting resources which facilitate the communication between the multiprofessional team and communicationimpaired patients in ICUs as well as in the other hospital wards.
Due to the inexistence of statistical formulas to determine the sample size in classification trees development studies, an approach similar to the one used in the development of scales has applied this study, considering the relationship between the number of indicators and the number of subjects to be evaluated.
It is, as the author puts it, "a gigantic game played on multiple layers in order to provide the conditions which assure the inexistence of robbery.
We assume that discrimination between competency levels is a necessary and key step towards the design of an objective evaluation test of practitioners, and which inexistence is a major drawback of box trainers.
Ou que la description de la ville irreelle avec laquelle Jean Baudrillard ouvre son best-seller de notre inexistence relative, Amerique (1997), a ete inspiree par le centre-ville de Montreal?
Le constat general, fait soit par les specialistes ou par des supporters connaisseurs, se tient toujours, a savoir la perte de l'audace offensive et la quasi inexistence d'un fond de jeu.
Our gravity modeling therefore suggests the inexistence of a thinned lower crust in the CVP independently of the existence of a significant lithospheric thinning.
If the probability associated with the two tests is below the level of relevance (5%) which is working at, then the null hypothesis is rejected, thus is rejected the inexistence of serial correlation.