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However, I am surprised (to say the least) that the conference focused on something that is inexistent (i.
15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The opposition movement in the Republic of Belarus is virtually inexistent, as many political opponents of the current president Alexander G.
The pollution is a result of a combination of industrial wastewater from nearby diary, poultry, paper and textile industries, agricultural runoff including a fusion of fertilizers and pesticides and the heavy nitrate concentration they produce, sewage as a result of ineffective or inexistent treatment plants, and solid waste.
Air France-KLM voted against the capital increase because the proposals on how to revive Alitalia were inexistent," a banking source said.
This also means that incentive plans are inexistent thus decreasing the appeal of renewable energy to the private sector compared to the highly subsidized fossil generated power.
7) While keeping in place the 1968 administrative grid (actually still valid in 2013), regions, in the sense we are branding them today, were inexistent during the communist regime, though the very name of region, used in the sense of county, was in legal use between 1951-1968.
We believe that trough a more careful and professional approach regarding the development of the textile industry supported by the Romanian Government, we think the perspectives are there to diversify the range of products, reviving, in principle, the use of natural fibers (flax, hemp, wool), which at present is practically inexistent," said the president.
This has the added advantage in that it can be converted immediately into electricity or stored in a hydraulic accumulator for when wind levels are low or inexistent.
Human resource management [is] practically inexistent and lack of continuity in the public sector due to political interferences have created through the years a weak civil service, lacking decision-making capacity and administrative continuity with regard to implementation of reforms and policies".
The almost inexistent relationship between risking new ideas and seniority is contradicted by Siegrist, Gutscher and Earle (2005), who showed that, the older the person (which is correlated to the seniority in our sample), the more risk is perceived.
This results in boys being less independent than girls in the management of their lives and, consequently, of their own health, and having a difficult, at times inexistent, dialogue with their own bodies.
I would turn a page carefully, and then there they would be, all these mutilated testicles and cocks and inexistent vaginas jumping out at me, all these vagina and penis snatchers brandishing their swords, all these blood and guts sanitised by the use of psychoanalytical jargon.