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The Cartesian two-term relation (thought/ existence, and their respective negatives) are redistributed in a quadruple relation where thought, existence, being, and the real are respectively coupled with the negative premises of the unintelligible, the inexistent, non-being, and the non-real.
In a statement today, he dismissed the concept of "squandered public money" as inexistent in the current report, adding that the Government departments would address financial violations which are resulting from administrative procedures.
The state symbol problem was inexistent, Gruevski created it and gave it to Justice Minister Adnan Jashari to solve it.
Thus, "not existent" [they take to mean] "the existent is inexistent" and "not inexistent" [they take to mean] "the inexistent is also inexistent.
The Western countries of Europe and North American, for instance, performed best, although gender equality is still inexistent there.
Identifying the Sukuk Shari'ah Committee and the possibility of the DFM's Fatwa and Shari'ah Board to replace it when inexistent.
By maintaining its operations in Egypt, EBRD sends a clear message: it is acceptable to conduct business in a country where brutal crackdown on civil society happens daily, where prisoners are regularly raped and tortured in jails and police stations, where young women face random acid attacks in broad day light on the busy streets of Cairo, and where social justice is almost inexistent.
The state is capable of manufacturing the inexistent by imposing a figure of identitarian normality, 'national' or otherwise.
However, I am surprised (to say the least) that the conference focused on something that is inexistent (i.
In recent years, the impact has been relatively limited if not inexistent," explains Bernadette Segol, general secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).
The pollution is a result of a combination of industrial wastewater from nearby diary, poultry, paper and textile industries, agricultural runoff including a fusion of fertilizers and pesticides and the heavy nitrate concentration they produce, sewage as a result of ineffective or inexistent treatment plants, and solid waste.
Air France-KLM voted against the capital increase because the proposals on how to revive Alitalia were inexistent," a banking source said.