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Alan hasn't risen without trace but his rise has been typical of the man - nothing showy or flash, devoid of waffle but steady and with an air of inexorability about it.
Pleasure is inextricably bound up with the inexorability of need (Not) insofar as existence becomes a pleasure for Dasein.
Even as A World Without End recognizes the inexorability of time and death, the verses cherish the precious things that matter the most while they last.
The author's grim view of the world--a hallmark of her narrative--is reflected in the open ending of the novel which affirms at once the inexorability of the changes that come with progress and the continuity and sameness of human experience.
Taking the inexorability of death and taxes head on, this text teaches people with small and large estates about wills and living trusts; naming a guardian for children; how to reduce estate taxes; and planning strategies for businesses.
Revisionism, Shagan argues, has seriously underestimated the inexorability of the momentum of reformation, as ordinary men and women profited from the dissolution of the monasteries and chantries, and accustomed themselves to the desacralization of holy things, in the process permanently altering their own internal spiritual landscape and horizons.
With the first of the baby boomers to retire soon, the inexorability of demographics will add to the problem.
1 Que peut-il en etre d'une femme What happens to a woman who qui reconnait le processus et qui, recognizes this process and de fait, d'age et d'histoire, de encounters its inexorability, corps en rencontre l'inexorable?
Faces in the Water gives access to a world built in concentric circles which duplicate Dante's inferno in their inexorability.
Bennett's medicine and the prayers of the tohunga, Uncle Eru (Tuta Ngarimu Tamati), can only seek the relief of Ropata's pain, faced with the inexorability of his leukaemia.
James Altman summed up the perceived impact of the billable hour and related changes in large firm practice:</p> <pre> [There is an] inexorability [to] the financial imperatives gripping large law firms.
And with increasing frailty (given the inexorability of geriatric change) comes the need for higher levels of service designed to accommodate higher levels of ADL dependency.