inexorable fate

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Ursula's gift of many lives ignores the constraints of time, seemingly pushing her toward some inexorable fate. Has she alone been given a chance to change the world?
These were reminders, literally memento mori, of one's inexorable fate, for which nature morte offered the perfect pictorial form.
The obstacles are timidity, lack of imagination and small-minded nationalism, not inexorable fate.
Instead, Pinera sought to puncture the pathos of humankind's inexorable fate with choteo, an insolent raspberry blown at bitter life and, more pointedly, at the Wagnerian drama of Castro's revolutionary crusade (p.
Although those possessed by that force can become the greatest of heroes, they cannot save their beloved comrades from inexorable fate. Heartbroken and raging, Achilles cries inconsolably for Patroclus killed by Hector.
Due mainly to its daunting bulk and heavy-handed fixation on elementary Freudian psychology, O'Neill's trilogy about the inexorable fate of a New England family branded by murder, adultery, fear, hatred and revenge is seldom seen these days.
And, almost despite himself, he spares Sharon the romantic disillusionment that is the inexorable fate of every other woman in his life.
As inexorable fate threatened them, morning psalms and evening vespers recollected the sisters, but their faith couldn't rescue them or the others who drowned.
Cognitive decline, whether Alzheimer's-related or not, was the aging individual's inexorable fate. Recent years have seen a dramatic turnaround in such conceptualizing, at least in scientific circles.
the spotted owl, and facing the inexorable fate of the dodo, the
When he stops to ponder such coincidences, Listwell begins to wonder whether "a supematural power, a wakeful providence, or an inexorable fate, had linked their destiny together; and that no efforts of his could disentangle him from the mysterious web of circumstances which enfolded him" (222).