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Democracy is inexorably linked with freedom of expression and dictatorship with censorship," she said.
AS airport hassles intensify and even budget airline fares creep inexorably upwards, the ferry firms which carry travellers out of Britain aim to sharply increase their market share in 2008, by keeping prices low and offering a more relaxing way to go.
The percussive piano of His Nibs sets out stall, driving inexorably onward, slowed down only by some tricky time changes.
He wrote: "Sir Menzies has appeared more like the animated and slightly hapless captain of a battered hot air balloon that gradually but inexorably is losing height.
But an assassination attempt or two later, and Amin starts inexorably down the bloodthirsty path that would eventually cost some 300,000 Ugandans their lives and millions more untold misery.
The trouble is that the more one becomes immersed in the Book of Common Prayer, its 39 Articles, its history, liturgy, and theology, the more inexorably one is led to Rome.
Lar Lubovitch's Concerto Six Twenty Two made a good closer, although by the third viewing it seemed inexorably cute as the dancers kicked up their heels and capered in the choreographer's well-crafted arrangements.
The wily Odysseus sails inexorably home to Ithaca to the rhythmic ebb and flow of Robert Fagle's straightforward modern translation.
Finally, inexorably, the spotlight comes to rest on Ratzinger.
In patients with Parkinson's disease, the brain's dopamine-secreting neurons inexorably die off.
Traversing this show's unstable temporal and representational terrain, McKenzie's subjects inexorably linked our own low, dishonest decade to the earlier one, but floated the possibility that perhaps, having inhabited this particular history, they will not be doomed to repeat it.
Oil is inexorably linked with Houston, Texas, champagne with Champagne, France, information technology with Silicon Valley in California and the auto industry with Detroit, Michigan.