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"Democracy is inexorably linked with freedom of expression and dictatorship with censorship," she said.
The cost of living is going up inexorably, particularly as a result of Brexit.
Many of the thousands of ships sunk during the Second World War now have seventy years of corrosion eating at their plates and the days are drawing inexorably closer when the pollutants that they contain will escape.
Applications said growth in installation of illegal Hydrants has inexorably damaged Karachi Water & Sewerage Board main stream system but these illegal water connections are polluting the clean water and are creating health hazards and environmental problems.
Woodcuts of Conrad Black's life probe past the simple facts to deeper impressions that flow clearly and inexorably from one to the next.
CABARET BBC1, 12.05am A flighty nightclub singer in 1930s Berlin is drawn into a love triangle with a sensitive would-be English writer and an aristocratic German, as the Nazi party grows in might and the country heads inexorably toward war.
The inexorably rising demand for water is generating increased demand for electric power to run additional desalination plants.
HIGH--The daily price of an OPEC barrel continues to edge up slowly but seemingly inexorably. The fear of an attack on Syria appears to be the latest issue supporting oil prices, in the eyes of many market watchers.
He said: "Because banks are not charging, it drives them inexorably into this sort of position."
Then, the narrative style draws the reader inexorably and forever onward.
Just hope that, as was the case with similar high concept fare like The Cube and 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow, it's not another paper-thin idea inexorably padded out to an hour's worth of viewing.
"Our plan is to be the best in the aviation business and to slowly but inexorably get to the top.