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However, 2 lizard species, Eumeces inexpectatus and Anolis carolinensis, can sustain B.
Aptly named by Mayr as Eurotrochilus inexpectatus, which translates as "unexpected European version of a hummingbird" the newly identified species had a long, narrow bill that was more than twice as long as its skull.
Over-hunting, burning of large areas and the introduction of the Pacific rat (Rattus exulans), led to extinction of part of the local indigenous fauna, with the disappearance of megapods like the Sylviornis neocaledoniae, weighing over 35kg, land crocodiles like the Mekosukus inexpectatus, turtles, iguanas and numerous bird species (Balouet & Olson 1994).
ABSTRACT--The reproductive ecology of the southeastern five-lined skink (Eumeces inexpectatus Taylor) is poorly known.
Key words: Eumeces inexpectatus, southeastern five-lined skink, Scincidae, reproduction, clutch size.
The southeastern five-lined skink (Eumeces inexpectatus Taylor) occurs throughout most of the southeastern United States east of the Mississippi River (Conant and Collins 1991).
inexpectatus (total length (TL)=158 mm; snout-vent length (SVL)=59 mm) brooding a clutch of 12 eggs in a log along Wards Creek, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana (30[degrees] 25.
inexpectatus attain sexual maturity during their second summer, approximately 21 months after hatching, at an SVL of 54 to 55 mm (Vitt and Cooper 1986, Mitchell 1994).
inexpectatus nests have been found in rotting logs and stumps (Smith and List 1955; Duellman and Schwartz 1958; Mount 1975, 1981; Dundee and Rossman 1989; Mitchell 1994; Palmer and Braswell 1995; our observation).
inexpectatus from five additional states (Table 1).
laticeps, and Scincella lateralis-- whereas two were not found--Cnemidophorus sexlineatus and Plestiodon inexpectatus.
inexpectatus and possessed four labial scales and two postlabial scales characteristic of E.