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As noted above, Lewis Simes would allow modification if a restriction had become inexpedient, but only after thirty years.
In view of its historic origins, and emotional connotations, such a use of the term "monopolist" is highly inexpedient, and should be rejected.
But the Kremlin quoted Mr Putin as saying a tribunal would be "inexpedient" because Russia still has "a lot of questions" about the investigation to which it had little access.
The timing, however, may have been 'inexpedient' given the twin dilemmas posed by falling oil prices and the tricky diplomatic strife at the West Philippine Sea which may fluster eventual exploration activities in some areas being offered.
It is used in place of voice calls in circumstances where it may be impossible or inexpedient. Generally, texting is considered more economical.
When the prospect of interstate war was the most important issue in world affairs, dual citizenship would have been not only inexpedient but also unjust.
In the conditions of threat to the national security of the country, it is inexpedient to speak about transition from the
The "moral struggle is continuous with the struggle for existence," he maintains, "and no sharp break divides the unjust from the imprudent, the evil from the inexpedient." To this assertion Rorty appends the thought that what matters in this moral struggle "is devising ways of diminishing human suffering and increasing human equality, increasing the ability of all human children to start life with an equal chance of happiness."
T HE BCCI is yet to realise that blinkered views of life generally lead to inexpedient actions.
Davis' fanciful narrative is the inexpedient fact that she's selling an agenda manufactured by the trial lawyers bankrolling her campaign - all the while using her position to profit at the taxpayers' expense and refusing to release her latest tax return."
Husband addiction is one of the main and important of difficulties of the wife which husband's dependence to addiction and repeating it make very severe problems for the wife which the joint life of wife will be inexpedient with a man who is not able to manage it.
The authors of a study on this topic carried out in Switzerland came to the conclusion that a hospital stay is inexpedient in terms of cost effectiveness [9].