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To define "monopolist" as the exclusive seller of any given product is thus highly inexpedient.
That which lies beyond good and evil may turn out to be the horrifically inexpedient.
Davis' fanciful narrative is the inexpedient fact that she's selling an agenda manufactured by the trial lawyers bankrolling her campaign - all the while using her position to profit at the taxpayers' expense and refusing to release her latest tax return.
Husband addiction is one of the main and important of difficulties of the wife which husband's dependence to addiction and repeating it make very severe problems for the wife which the joint life of wife will be inexpedient with a man who is not able to manage it.
The authors of a study on this topic carried out in Switzerland came to the conclusion that a hospital stay is inexpedient in terms of cost effectiveness [9].
In addition, the company is forced to incur material losses inexpedient to pay fees for the use of cars.
Furthermore, the company is forced to incur inexpedient material losses on the payment of fees for the use of cars.
More likely, La Follette judged it inexpedient to pursue an antiwar crusade certain to be futile and likely to put his own position at risk.
The expediency evaluation of a partnership is legally restricted in time that can condition inexpedient expenditure of the public sector for the opportunities to organise studies.
Again, having only recently reached a truce with university lecturers who had been on strike for five months, it would have been inexpedient for government to allow the nation to suffer an avoidable social unrest.
3) Material for a membrane type crack-interrupting layer should have the smallest modulus of elasticity as it is inexpedient to apply these layer in case of a close modulus of elasticity values of pavement materials and membrane type layer itself.