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Their price per share - frequently $15 or lower - enables both small and large investors to buy round lots of several companies, thus inexpensively diversifying their investment.
Using the router, aircraft passengers can inexpensively share access to Blue Sky Network SATCOM data offerings, or plug wired-Ethernet devices into a built-in 4-port duplex hub.
In many ways this kind of coverage is analogous to title insurance, and very inexpensively transfers a whole category of risk out of the deal.
Using the Helius MediaGate routers to process and store video and ICG's 3G cellular hardware running on the Sprint Power Vision(SM)network provides these businesses the power to inexpensively deliver IP video content where and when they want it.
NEWHALL - A replacement for the city's community center, now housed in a rat-infested warehouse on San Fernando Road, can be built quickly and inexpensively on land now occupied by a lumber yard, according to city officials.
Measurements of satellite signals bouncing off a calm mountain lake may pave the way for a fleet of spaceborne sensors or groups of seaside towers that can quickly and inexpensively monitor local or global changes in sea level.
We're providing the means to get started quickly and inexpensively in an innovation initiative, and retain the flexibility necessary to scale as teams and initiatives grow" said Jeffrey Phillips, VP of Sales and Marketing at OVO.
Scientists adept at making microscopic machinery have devised a diagnostic technique that may alert physicians to signs of prostate cancer more effectively and inexpensively than current tests do.
With offices in Jakarta and long-standing relationships in other countries, the company is able to produce and distribute content virtually anywhere in the world inexpensively.
Fujitsu has leveraged global experience in the residential and business access markets to create a broadband access platform that uniquely provides industry leading density and channel capacity, seamless inter-working with legacy networks and packet infrastructure, and the ability to inexpensively respond to future bandwidth requirements.
They also hope to find a company to mass-produce the, locks inexpensively via methods used by integrated-circuit makers.
New-style, light Mexican food made from fresh ingredients, served quickly and inexpensively.