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Unrepairable" one-piece-sole shoes can, in fact, be repaired inexpensively.
Our new clothes freshener allows consumers to conveniently and inexpensively freshen their clothing in an environmentally responsible way.
By combining the flexibility of cellular connections with Helius' sophisticated IP video hardware and software, our customers can quickly and inexpensively install top quality IP video systems anywhere there is a cell signal.
Our Hybrid GPON approach lets service providers inexpensively meet future bandwidth needs without replacing ONT equipment, thereby completely eliminating the equipment and labor costs of a truck roll to customer premises.
I expect getting the two operations to work in unison will go smoothly and inexpensively.
DES can be cracked quickly and inexpensively," says John Gilmore of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in San Francisco, which funded the project to counter claims made by U.
From calculation to payment initiation, the administrative burden of royalty, licensing and similar obligations in the Media & Entertainment Industry are met accurately and inexpensively for companies of any size.
Scientists now announce a nuclear medicine technique that can do just that, quickly and inexpensively.
By inexpensively updating or changing marketing collateral and locally printing only the number of pieces needed, companies can reduce marketing expenses related to obsolescence, warehousing and shipping.
Under the direction of their foreign genes, these microbes inexpensively produce commercially important proteins -- from hormones to enzymes.
He and Hager took a completely different tack that allowed them to avoid nucleosides altogether and to use starting materials that can be mass produced inexpensively.