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That had started to change a few years later, and if the inexpert testimony had started then, "any such 'meltdown' call would have been mitigated, even refuted, by the very same Internet that had given birth to it.
We ask for your further attention and study about the human rights regulations in Iran and also Iran's cultural and social conditions in a bid to avoid the approval of such oppressive and inexpert resolutions in the future," the Iranian university students center said in the letter to the UN secretary general.
Although the Gospel of Mark reports Jesus' resurrection, the end is so unsatisfactory that more than one inexpert addition has been attempted.
Contract notice: Provision of clay and photometric event basic equipment and inexpert staff.
Also impossible was a contract, which never materialized thanks to Prokofiev's inexpert negotiating.
Jazayeri said, "Obama's statement about the number of the US troops in the region and the extent of their influence are completely inexpert remarks, far from reality, and these statements can be cited as the joke of the year.
He said nonprofessional and inexpert individuals were involved to prepare the draft of the new law.
FIGURE 2 SUMMARY OF RISKS BROUGHT TO THE WAR GAME BY INEXPERT SENIORS Game Director's Chain of Command Senior Players in the Game Successful senior people tend to be overconfident in their ability to handle novel situations that include chance.
It was inexpert attempts to deliver the "bolo" that proved Womber's undoing and he would be better advised to concentrate on plain hooks to the body which Curvis will admit he delivered with terrific power.
Much of the economic turmoil under Mursi, whose Muslim Brotherhood was new to power, was the result of indecisive and inexpert administration.
In my son's inexpert hands the kite responded to a quiver of breeze and swooped up.
Though he does not dismiss the value of such efforts at identifying sources, they often belong to the approach he decries, one that takes the Meccan prophet as the somewhat inexpert author of the Qur'an; an author who is trying to conceal the fact that his work is not original--an accusation that the Qur'an itself records as having been levelled at it.