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As an example, a police force that, as an organization, feels illegitimate or incompetent will timidly, inexpertly, or corruptly perform its duties, leading to a decline in support from the local populace.
10) The term partial literacy encompasses a hierarchy of skills: the ability to read a little but not to write; the ability to read well but not to write; the ability to sign one's name but to write nothing more; and the ability to write whole sentences inexpertly.
Not "walking the talk" does not emanate from EBO; it more often springs from the irresistible temptation created by ever-increasing connectivity, as well as the commander's intolerance of risk for negative strategic consequences, that might result from ill-advised or inexpertly executed tactical actions.
Moreover, the comical Christian characters unwittingly parody the stereotypes of the Jews as thieves and liars when they so inexpertly seek to hide their misdeeds behind fake Jewish identities.
There is, I discovered, something immensely mesmerising and uniquely relaxing about sitting in front of an easel, with paint brush and paints to hand, overlooking a ravishing view (rain-drenched though it may be) and trying to capture it, however inexpertly, on canvas.
Traditionally, arrhythmias were treated with medication which did not cure the condition and for many patients resulted in unpleasant side-effects such as tiredness and lethargy and can be potentially dangerous if used inexpertly.
We all took our turns in the trainer, inexpertly trying to follow the headings we were given, then jumping out to see our actual plot which showed us wandering all over the map table.
Last year, several teenagers in Ras Al Khaimah got their hair inexpertly shorn by the police following a crackdown on youngsters sporting unusual hairstyles.
One must remember that viewers will have to bear with wearing cumbersome glasses throughout the entire movie or TV programme and if the content is produced inexpertly, then it could give rise to headaches, eye-strains or vertigos--and these discomforts will be the only things the viewers are likely to remember of the 3D content they viewed
I did not think about how easy it would have been for poorly researched or inexpertly presented first-person interpretation to warp a visitor's sense of what life was like in the Colonial era.
Chauffeurs have been obliged to take up the slack; one grappled so inexpertly in putting together the gazebo that he was probably left behind at the day's end with instructions to finish the job for today's sitting.
The presence of children is indicated by inexpertly knapped flints, for instance.