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Cute boy enters mum and dad's bedroom on Christmas morning bearing his inexpertly wrapped gift.
wrapped inexpertly in newspaper while Hal is driving a beat-up red car
Chauffeurs have been obliged to take up the slack; one grappled so inexpertly in putting together the gazebo that he was probably left behind at the day's end with instructions to finish the job for today's sitting.
But even an inexpertly flown and indifferently maintained F-16 is a war machine.
The presence of children is indicated by inexpertly knapped flints, for instance.
During Dog's examination, he treats the reader to his perception of the incredibly complicated and inexpertly told history of events that have forged today's political, religious, and geographic reality.
As an example, a police force that, as an organization, feels illegitimate or incompetent will timidly, inexpertly, or corruptly perform its duties, leading to a decline in support from the local populace.
Last year, several teenagers in Ras Al Khaimah got their hair inexpertly shorn by the police following a crackdown on youngsters sporting unusual hairstyles.
One must remember that viewers will have to bear with wearing cumbersome glasses throughout the entire movie or TV programme and if the content is produced inexpertly, then it could give rise to headaches, eye-strains or vertigos--and these discomforts will be the only things the viewers are likely to remember of the 3D content they viewed
That the text that we hold in our hands might be a muddle of disparate sources, inexpertly collated or, worse, bowdlerized by an anonymous Morisco translator hired on the street, whose lack of qualifications and pulchritude we can scarcely imagine?
I did not think about how easy it would have been for poorly researched or inexpertly presented first-person interpretation to warp a visitor's sense of what life was like in the Colonial era.
We all took our turns in the trainer, inexpertly trying to follow the headings we were given, then jumping out to see our actual plot which showed us wandering all over the map table.