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inexplicability frame is one that resonates with the journalists and the
Hannah Ginsborg's work is especially noteworthy: Hannah Ginsborg, "Two Kinds of Mechanical Inexplicability in Kant and Aristotle," in The Normativity of Nature: Essays on Kant's Critique of Judgement (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), 281-315; Hannah Ginsborg, "Kant on Understanding Organisms as Natural Purposes," in The Normativity of Nature, 255-80.
The inexplicability of the phenomenon provokes Guyon into meditating on what it might mean:
GINSBORG, Two Kdnds of Mechanical Inexplicability in Kant and Aristotle, "Journal of the History of Philosophy" 42 (2004) 33-65.
learning and landing new tricks is a feeling of inexplicability. an everyday joe doesn't know what ollie-ing a 10 stair feels like.
The idea of inexplicability may be associated with all forms of indeterminacy.
For Roas, the key is not such a space of doubt, which has become a totem-theory since Todorov wrote The Fantastic in the seventies, but "la inexplicabilidad del fenomeno [the inexplicability of the phenomenon]" (30) which makes the event fantastic.
More precisely, it has been shown that social identity steers the socio-cognitive management of the relative inexplicability of intelligence, leading specific representations to be produced by social categories for whom intelligence is a salient part of everyday experience and for whom it constitutes a significant part of their identity, namely parents and teachers.
Davidson directly interrogates this very characteristic of inexplicability thus: "metaphor doesn't say anything beyond it's literal meaning, nor does its maker say anything, in using the metaphor, beyond the literal" (41).
He took it to Ryan on the inexplicability of the Republican tax plan.
However, there is an uncomfortable tension in this patchwork, between those texts that seek explanations and those that see the greatest revolutionary potential specifically in the very inexplicability of it all.
Koenig explores narrative and visual dissonances in-order to highlight the inexplicability of the Holocaust itself.