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That pain and the inexplicability of the reasons behind the divorce have not been a stumbling block in the path of the woman who knew marital bliss for only six months before her husband filed for divorce.
On the other, through the inexplicability of the mental image, Taha's belonging to the lost place does not appear as a material belonging--not as a matter of "having and having not".
The inexplicability of her preferment recalls the irrationality associated with both money and women.
leaves his reader: the inexplicability of evil, the content of civil justice, and the relevance of a scientific account of human nature for evaluating Augustine's thought.
There are many mysteries in the novel, too: the mother's first love and her last unfinished message on the narrator's answering machine, the father's wartime experiences, the inexplicability of history, the nature of writer's block.
In the seventh and eighth stanzas, Jennings endeavors to convey not only the inexplicability and intense emotional power of the Mess but also the way in which it both simplifies and clarifies the participant's perception of life's priorities and transforms hope into assurance:
Millhauser's use of multiplication and infinity creates a feeling of uneasiness and inexplicability.
is not its inexplicability by natural laws, but God's internal grace enabling us to recognize it as such.
Inexplicability gives the poem an aura, as if, in a process reminiscent of the conversion of excess labor into a product's glamor, "The Raven" were an intellectual equivalent of a commodity fetish.
35) MacIntyre warns against confusing unpredictability and inexplicability (After Virtue, 95).
The very inexplicability of sad events like the tsunami, like the AIDS crisis, or even like the cancer death of the father of one of my daughter's 2nd-grade classmates last week are, to me, reminders to focus on our obligations to one another, not to the infinite; to honor the creator, if any, by honoring creation itself and hoping that's good enough.
And while its creators surely remained faithful to many of his values, including his insistence on the centrality of the Jewish experience and the unique voice of the survivor, we did not accept--and could not accept--his sense of the mystification of the event and its inexplicability, at least not as our starting point.