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RSPCA Cymru's campaign follows examples of "harrowing, and inexplicable animal cruelty" brought before courtrooms in the country in recent years.
Por ello es apremiante que se realicen los analisis logico juridicos contables, bajo la egida del costo beneficio, de todos los organos jurisdiccionales de tipo electoral, de la administracion electoral, sobre todo del INE y los institutos estatales, y de todos y cada uno de los partidos politicos, comenzando ahora a investigar lo inexplicable de las riquezas y de las pobrezas de los dirigentes de esas instituciones partidistas.
It is inexplicable - I really don't know why things have changed.
An exploration of the inexplicable mystery of the divine as well as the hardships of seeking spiritual truth while maintaining responsibilities as a wife and mother, The Passion of Maryam is an absorbing and thought-provoking read, recommended for lay Christians and scholars intrigued by what might have been alike.
His Fidesz party said that police, who shot rubber bullets and tear gas at the protesters, had used "brutal and inexplicable force.
In the spirit of this metaphor, Texas native Edward Hancock II presents In The Breath of God: Mendez II, a mystery novel about a man brought back from the brink of death by the inexplicable power of Heaven.
En que en ella se rompe la regularidad que une a las cosas con un lazo que nos aparece como necesidad racional, un principio de razon suficiente como el que proclamo Leibniz, segun el cual de todo debe poder darse una razon satisfactoria, y aqui no hay ninguna: la proliferacion de presidentes, asi como el numero de ellos, 6,811, es inexplicable, carece de causa o finalidad.
This poetry tends to have lines six to eight syllables long and line breaks in inexplicable places.
An entire scientific community could be wrong about something, be expected to know that they are wrong, and for nearly inexplicable reasons persist in being wrong ("Fit to Be Tied: Impatience with string theory boils over," SN: 10/21/06, p.
When inexplicable events begin to occur, and troubled townspeople disappear, some accuse Quentin of murder; only a few suspect the truth might not be that simple.
Fantasy is the world of magic, the supernatural, of inexplicable occurrences that don't have a foundation in the reality of the world as we know it.