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The Busmen piled up the pressure and on 73 minutes, nearly found the opener when Maranon was left unmarked inside the six yard box on a free kick but his inexplicably headed wide.
If sustained, it could result in converters moving away from pegging their prices to an index that has inexplicably moved out of line, as it would impact on the viability of the UK plastic films and film products industry."
New York, May 10 (ANI): Yemen-based terror suspect Anwar Awlaki, who is said to be the mentor of the Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad, was inexplicably let off at New York's John F Kennedy airport eight years ago after being apprehended for passport fraud.
Listening is the musical equivalent of watching a marathon of B&W sci-fi movies that you can somehow, inexplicably, get up and dance to.
(9pm) The crew of the Antares face their first major crisis when the ship inexplicably begins to shut down.
Because, on the official media accreditation, it was inexplicably referred to as a Carling Cup tie!
In December 1980, he was on death row for treason, but the sentence was inexplicably commuted to life in prison.
The 34-year-old led 5-4 and had match ball in the 10th frame, but inexplicably left the pink in the jaws of a corner pocket and handed O'Sullivan a reprieve.
Referee Rob Styles inexplicably booked the Portuguese star for diving in the box in Monday's win over Fulham at Old Trafford despite the fact TV replays showed Antti Niemi getting nowhere near the ball as he slid out to confront him.
After a short and largely unsuccessful stint with Capitol Records, Reed abandoned California for South America, where, inexplicably, his singles were outselling those of Elvis Presley.
Inexplicably, the first insurance on twin #1 reimburses $7.49 and the second insurance reimburses $0.21, for a total of $7.70.