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They succeeded in rendering Roderick insensible; but, placing their hands upon his breast, they were inexpressibly horror stricken to feel the monster wriggling, twining, and darting to and fro within his narrow limits, evidently enlivened by the opium or alcohol, and incited to unusual feats of activity.
One fact was certain, that Christine, who until then had shown herself the stronger of the two, became suddenly inexpressibly nervous.
The recollection of what I then said, of my conduct, my manners, my expressions during the whole of it, is now, and has been many months, inexpressibly painful to me.
Here were two bright and beautiful little lakes, set like mirrors in the midst of stern and rocky heights, and surrounded by grassy meadows, inexpressibly refreshing to the eye.
Their appearance perfectly amazed me; their extreme youth, the light clear brown of their complexions, their delicate features, and inexpressibly graceful figures, their softly moulded limbs, and free unstudied action, seemed as strange as beautiful.
The words had been on his tongue all the evening, but now that he had spoken them they struck him as inexpressibly vulgar and out of place.
How inexpressibly different in these domestic arrangements from such as she had read about -- from abbeys and castles, in which, though certainly larger than Northanger, all the dirty work of the house was to be done by two pair of female hands at the utmost.
The sensation of other people sleeping in the room was inexpressibly irksome to him; he had been used to solitude, and to be with others always, never to be by himself for an instant was at these moments horrible to him.
In each of these categories, he opines that "[...] the superiority of the order of things among the Mahomedans, over the Hindus, was inexpressibly great."
'I'm asking you, when did you ever tell me anything?' 'When did you ask?' He looked down at the discarded shirt in his hands and the broken line of dirt around the collar coded something inexpressibly dear, an intimacy he could not bear to lose.
Producing extraordinary and communal encounters via installations that explore the transitory nature of light, Smith fosters inexpressibly human, immaterial, and unifying experiences that elude language and defy form, but can be undeniably felt.
As understood by the philosopher Henri Bergson, intuitive approaches to philosophical inquiries, are requisite to embrace, for only our intuition, as the "intellectual sympathy" of our minds, helps us to peer into what is inexpressibly unique to objects.