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Being inexpressive does not serve us well because it denies us the chance to access advice from relatives and friends which would prevent us from doing something adverse and out of proportion with the problem you are experiencing, such as taking your own life.
This tour-de-force supporting cast encourages Craig to raise his game but also exposes his weaknesses as an actor, most noticeably in a pivotal scene of heartbreak, which relies on a drenching from a previous fist fight to send droplets of water down his inexpressive face, suggesting the tears of a momentarily broken man.
In their decision to write to a problem page these men are choosing to momentarily challenge potent masculine scripts and subvert the emotional ideology of men as strong, silent and emotional inexpressive to reveal a masculine subjectivity that is open to advice and taking counsel on personal matters.
The language often used to describe men's limited range of emotionality is that of 'the inexpressive male' and 'restrictive emotionality'.
Not only does he look nothing like the real deal, his inexpressive delivery sucks tension from every scene.
He used to show formerly simple, even inexpressive walls of houses where working people made their homes.
Assessment matrix of the Design Method Qualities of landscape elements Landscape pattern shape scale colour texture Landscape element 1 round small grey coarse Landscape element 2 curved large colourful plain Landscape element 3 square wide vivid scratchy Quality of landscape scenery Scenery Accessibility Visibility Expressiveness Foreground available open colourless Background closed limited neutral Side-scenes limited partly inexpressive Domain limited visible expressive Source: the author Table 3.
Seemingly inexpressive and making no other appearance in the novel, the map nevertheless is one of the novel's more important images would be more appropriate.
There's something quite eerie about the quietness of the film; an apprehensive calmness manifested in the stilted geography of the film (the drab, inexpressive suburban locale) and Eva's position to it (often at the margin of the wide 2.
rhetorical games, a view supported by the decidedly inexpressive narrator, Finbarr's, observation that "[a] s usual, the
Readers can marvel at bushy eyebrows, unusual moles, strange configurations of mouth muscles, oddly expressive or inexpressive eyes, and so on--and wonder how each of these individuals sees himself in the mirror.