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"We found that the endorser seemed less cool when they were inexpressive compared to when they smiled," Warren said of the ads that included amateur and professional models, athlete Michael Jordan and Dean.
The choral conductor conducted the piece in an inexpressive way and then conduct a second version with more expression.
Nondirectional techniques, used for image smoothing, are inefficient in the fingerprint pre-processing step, especially because of inexpressive ridge edges, which are necessary for determining orientation of contextual filters.
While the food was undoubtedly nice it felt a little inexpressive and unimaginative, lacking any true wow factor - we were full but without the giddy, gluttonous feeling a truly brilliant roast leaves.
Harding argues that Cages famous insistence that "there is no such thing as silence"--a sentence which, spoken during Cages 1958 lecture series "Composition as Process" indicates but one aspect of a career that spanned five decades--is a political statement, one that prompts us to listen more intently to marginalized groups who only seem inexpressive. This argument is intriguing, and it is not without precedent, but Harding's case might have been stronger if he had examined Cages art, especially his post-1950s work, in greater detail.
Jason Momoa is inexpressive as a Hyborian warrior out to avenge his father's murder.
The coming tax payments will unlikely provide any significant support to the Russian currency, while the oil prices started the week with inexpressive dynamics.
Chelsea's efforts delighted fans and Roman Abramovich, a man of such inexpressive countenance, he makes Mona Lisa look like Lee Evans.
"But for me, nowhere has the potency, the inexpressive attraction as the first place I called home.
This tour-de-force supporting cast encourages Craig to raise his game but also exposes his weaknesses as an actor, most noticeably in a pivotal scene of heartbreak, which relies on a drenching from a previous fist fight to send droplets of water down his inexpressive face, suggesting the tears of a momentarily broken man.
I tasted the wines again that same night and, to my horror, the wine again showed to be inexpressive and aggressive.
During the early 90s, the presence of Chinese speaking authors in those journals was almost inexpressive, rarely exceeding 1% of the published papers [2].