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And as one critic has said about Nietzsche's Zarathustra, the inexpungeable merits will dwarf all fault-finding.
Further, Bakhtin's ideas reveal a deep incoherence in fields such as pathology, which attempt to preserve an aristocratic, authoritative, abstract, "etherealized" discourse even in the face of the grotesque body that has been "split, severed, dismembered, eviscerated, turned inside out," a body whose "material aspect appears inexpungeable" (114).
In a piece dealing with the inexpungeable reality of Nazism and the Final Solution, Hayden White (1992) argues that it is not that the events of which he speaks are unreal or unrepresentable but, rather, that they are unrepresentable in the realist mode.
In the course of engaging Charles Willard's Liberalism and the Problem of Knowledge, I have doubted the potential of epistemics as an alternative discourse to liberalism; I have voiced my comparative optimism for America's ability to resist Rousseau; I have explained my preference for phronesis rather than competence as an explanatory concept; and, finally, I have argued that myths of "the people" are inexpungeable from American politics.