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USA], Nov 11 ( ANI ): A few of Apple's iPhone X users have reported an inextinguishable green line on their device's display.
Against the darkness of the eyes, there appears an inextinguishable light.
It was a window, or so we thought, into a partnership of enduring passion and inextinguishable tenderness.
Yet no matter how raw the subject matter, there's an inextinguishable sparkle and a fundamental feeling of honesty and grace.
His theory of poetry states that every person is gifted by nature with the Poetic Sentiment/the Sentiment of Beauty, the inextinguishable desire to experience the Supernal Beauty that the author originated, in Platonic terms, as being beyond the power of finite man to possess.
We have so many proofs that these events happened," Rao, 69, said in an interview, describing events in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, the ancient Hindu epics about love and war, truth and deceit, that feature characters using inextinguishable fire and weapons with the destructive power of a nuclear arsenal.
If your idea of Taiwan involves gleaming cities, busy superhighways, inextinguishable neon lights and all the other hallmarks of First World living, you're not far off the mark.
How well the original interviewees correspond to the actors' and director's vision of their 'normality' hovers uncomfortably as a primary, inextinguishable question.
The Mandelas had got wind of Solarway's inextinguishable candles; and it seems they wanted more.
A photograph of hot air balloons over Cappadocia is otherworldly, and a map of Peru's Nazca lines--huge geoglyphs in the shapes of plants and animals, each made up of a single continuous line, created in the Nazca desert more than 1,000 years ago--pays testament to humanity's inextinguishable desire to celebrate life.
The plot is set in motion by the post-election violence of 2007 and as the plot unfolds; Owour's fictionalisation of history carries the reader into a tumultuous vortex of human frailty, tears, blood, cruelty, corruption, and love; and above all the resilience and inextinguishable shimmer of hope that defines human life.
But once ignited it was an inextinguishable passion.