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Our own Constitution is also an affirmation of the inextricability of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.
People within the entrepreneurial, hacker and hobby drone culture appear less interested in reflecting on the inextricability of technology and society.
Foucault's approach of problematization is a useful framework for examining the emergence and inextricability of different moral, legal and economic forms of liberal cosmopolitanism and their complex interplay in the current world order that is dominated by American hegemonic "soft power".
Maus accepts this recognition as a grounding premise of her project, but rejects the more radical claims of materialist theory and criticism, which involve either the independent agency of the object, the inextricability of subject from object, or the subject's absolute subordination to the object.
The three thoughts expressed here--one about a labour situation, one an instruction about how to treat John, and one about ownership--meld together with two comma splices, which makes their inextricability more obvious.
On the contrary, Latour's response to the parrot dramatizes the inextricability of emotion and formal aesthetic appreciation.
But here again, the point is less to parse truth from fiction than to revel in their thorough inextricability.
Perhaps this is the ultimate lesson of Camel: the inextricability of bondage and freedom.
2) This adjective has become generalized among Coetzee's critics in order to describe the inextricability between truth and fiction, personal engagement and detachment that we find in all the works in which he deals with his own self.
The scrapbook form, Garvey demonstrates in the introduction, emerged out of the commonplace book, but what distinguishes scrapbooks is their inextricability from the newspaper and print revolution of the early nineteenth century and its proliferation of cheap, disposable printed material.
Answering the question is complicated by gaming's inextricability from self-determination.
Finally, the inextricability of the economic component from the ritual and cosmological aspect of pilgrimage can't be argued, though economy has been often overlooked as an essential element of the complex system of pilgrimage.