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Transfer of existing data from the current application to the new application makes it an inextricable part of the assignment.
Suicide bombing, in the world of the Islamic terrorist, is an explicitly religious phenomenon that is inextricable from notions of martydom and jihad.
Holt and Watson are keen observers of the indigenous as well as the human condition, often showing us how inextricable the two can be.
My family and I, and distant kin and neighbours, may not have cared or even known about the sacred location pre- 1992, but now that we have been enlightened to its existence, it's an inextricable part of our future.
As an alternative to the typical "rational mind" leadership models taught in business schools, embodied leadership recognizes the inextricable connections of mind and body, and incorporates language, action, feeling, and meaning--particularly emotional intelligence--into leadership.
The UK Special Envoy to the Sahel, Stephen O'Brien MP, during a visit to Libya said he had explored the political, economic and cultural links between Libya and the countries of Western African and found that these links were inextricable.
There is an inextricable link between the creation of a shared future and the economic transformation.
On the occasion, the Chief Justice remarked that the Bench and the Bar are the two inextricable wings of the judicial system, which sink and rise together.
John has packed into 14 chapters an inextricable weave of politics, history, and dancing; none exists without the other.
Movie Review: I Served the King of England I Served the King of England" is a movie about the absurdity of life's inextricable mix of sadness and elation.
The official said Pakistan falls within the highly vulnerable zones of climate change and its inextricable link and need to develop its adoptive capacity, resilient water and sanitation system and disaster risk situation.
All of them started their careers just as the internet became an inextricable part of daily life.