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He said: "We are all inextricably involved with AIDS after losing Freddie, it's something that will never go away."
Poverty and the status of women are inextricably bound according to economic development experts.
Aloysius Education Clinic is dedicated to providing educational and other programs to children with the conviction that education and opportunity are inextricably linked.
On the other hand, as architecture is inextricably linked with memory, the idea of the house looms large in the life of the architect, as much, say, as early trips to the cinema play in the life of the film director.
Because these contributions are inextricably intertwined with the development of the field of environmental health, a look back allows us to see in broad brush the evolution of both an individual career and a discipline.
(As one of the subjects, I remember the experience well, feeling too imperfect, too corporeal somehow, before the appraising gaze of the photographer.) We all understood that art had become inextricably entwined with mass media; that the spectacle of everyday life, and the power of the technologies used to represent it, had become so overpowering that art's challenge to the received ideas of mainstream culture had been sidelined to a complicit wink.
Old and new developments in these countries illuminate the importance of the private sphere/public sphere distinction in cultures where religion and the state are often assumed to be inextricably connected.
A brother and sister are inextricably bound by their strange childhood of upper class privilege but little love.
They were intertwined inextricably. I could not separate what bothered me more about myself, what gave me more pain."
Varl, however, remains to test the intangible limits of her position; to demonstrate her intellectual superiority over her master and his family, as well as to prove that they cannot bestow freedom upon her, that it is, and always has been, inextricably hers.
In their love letters, the spiritually minded couple labored to "forget sex" (which for them encompassed by both the inextricably connected categories of gender and sexuality) and see each other only as unsexed souls and not as sexed bodies.
His style is a playful exploitation of the human body and human movement inextricably linked to music.