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Objectivists have too often been infallibilists, which might suggest that objectivism is likely always to lead to infallibilism and dogmatism; the last thirty-five years, though, have probably put paid to the correlation.
First, is the infallibilism on offer compatible with naturalism?
The second thesis from which Gangesa's alleged infallibilism issues is this: [2] x is prama if x is pramana-generated.
Rome seems bent on what moral theologians are calling `a creeping infallibilism.
Infallibilism and Gettier's Legacy, DANIEL and FRANCES HOWARD-SNYDER and NEIL FEIT
Infallibilism is the view that a belief cannot be at once warranted and false.
Infallibilism about a priori justification is the thesis that for an agent A to be a priori justified in believing p, that which justifies A's belief that p must guarantee the truth of p.
Indeed, the usual interpretation of these cases relies on a surprising infallibilism about knowledge.