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(13.) troll's chapter 7 (239-75) is a more extensive discussion of Anglican probabilism versus Catholic infallibilism in Biblical exegesis.
Objectivists have too often been infallibilists, which might suggest that objectivism is likely always to lead to infallibilism and dogmatism; the last thirty-five years, though, have probably put paid to the correlation.
Levi's infallibilism has an at first startling consequence.
First, is the infallibilism on offer compatible with naturalism?
The second thesis from which Gangesa's alleged infallibilism issues is this: [2] x is prama if x is pramana-generated.
(36) Of course this should not be taken as a covert argument for some kind of infallibilism; "going wrong" is clearly an important part of our rulefollowing activities.
Rome seems bent on what moral theologians are calling `a creeping infallibilism."' He takes John Paul II's major encyclical of 1993, Veritatis splendor, as an example: "Whatever its virtues, nothing is gained by resurrecting artificial contraception as the bete noir of Catholic married life and practice."
A belief in "infallibilism," which confuses infallibility with impeccability, naturally follows.
He finds wanting the usual ways of dealing with Vatican I today, setting the teaching of Pastor aeternus in the new context provided by Vatican II or distinguishing the genuine understanding of the Council from its later exaggerations, the kind of "moderate infallibilism" practiced by Avery Dulles.
Infallibilism and Gettier's Legacy, DANIEL and FRANCES HOWARD-SNYDER and NEIL FEIT
Infallibilism about a priori justification is the thesis that for an agent A to be a priori justified in believing p, that which justifies A's belief that p must guarantee the truth of p.
Indeed, the usual interpretation of these cases relies on a surprising infallibilism about knowledge.