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The second thesis from which Gangesa's alleged infallibilism issues is this: [2] x is prama if x is pramana-generated.
So it seems to me that one of two things must be true: either Gangesa is not after all committed to an infallibilism about the pramanas; or else they are not, in fact, the ordinary natural processes they at first sight appear to be, but rather much more elusive elements in the causal web.
Infallibilism is the view that a belief cannot be at once warranted and false.
Trojcak agrees with Cornwell that Pope John Paul suffers from "creeping infallibilism," as well as "papal impeccability," both factors which help "mystify the papal office".
We should be careful not to confuse objectivism with infallibilism, and an objectivist is well advised to be a fallibilist, that is, someone who is well aware that he could be wrong and others right, and who thinks long and hard about whether his actions are justified, rather than just assuming that in every case he is the supreme arbiter of morality.
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