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A proof of the infallibility of the foregoing receipt, in the lamentations of the widow; with other suitable decorations of death, such as physicians, &c.
In offering this little commentary to the Nietzsche student, I should like it to be understood that I make no claim as to its infallibility or indispensability.
Middleton and Paul, who considered this unlooked-for escape as a species of resurrection, patiently awaited the time the trapper mentioned with renewed confidence in the infallibility of his judgment.
It is clear that the irascible miller was a man to interpret any chance-shot that grazed him as an attempt on his own life, and was liable to entanglements in this puzzling world, which, due consideration had to his own infallibility, required the hypothesis of a very active diabolical agency to explain them.
1870: The Dogma of Papal Infallibility in matters of faith and morals was proclaimed by the Vatican Council.
As infallibility is a state of certainty, which does not admit of error, so fallibility is a state of doubt, which does not admit of conviction.
The CCC offers an enlightening explanation of the relationship between the ability of the pope and the college of bishops to exercise their teaching authority in a definitive way and the gift of infallibility with which they are endowed in so doing.
1870: e Dogma of Papal Infallibility in matters of faith and morals was proclaimed by the Vatican Council.
I find two issues of disproof in recent papal history: Vatican I's doctrine of papal infallibility itself is disproof No.
This was shown by her remarks about the pope's infallibility, personal judgment of others, intrinsic moral evil, division between Pope Francis and Pope Benedict, misstating the church's position on homosexuality, condemnation of a major religious order, etc.
This claim is often dismissed as absurd on the ground that a censor might attempt to silence an opinion he believes to be true but pernicious, or because rational assurance short of infallibility is obviously sufficient to justify censorship.
A blog post about a New York Times article on papal infallibility led readers to critique the paper of record's flawed reporting.