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Further, there is the besetting epistemological problem of Kiing's conviction that no truth expressed in human terms can be infallible, which evoked the magisterial response of Peter Chirico, Infallibility: The Crossroads of Doctrine.
Fazel-Lankarani said, "There are very clear narrations in the jurisprudence, related to the time of the infallible imams, when they had been asked and they had defined the faith's verdict on this point."
In India's system of checks and balances, the Supreme Court certainly isn't infallible, but it is review petitions like this that make it clear that the government is much more prone to fault than those behind the bar.
Having been a priest for over 50 years, I find it interesting to read a highly respected economist explain the theological concept of "infallible teaching." Since at this Alzheimerian age of 75 I must have forgotten part of my Thomasian theology, I would request him to help me answer the following questions:
"All these facts are evidence of the reliability of the sayings of the unfailing and infallible intellectual supremacy of Islamic sources.
Ayatollah Khamenei dismissed the current sanctions on Iran comparing it to a boycott imposed on the Infallible Household and friends and followers of the Messenger of Allah Hazrate Muhammad (PBUH) in She'b Abi-Taleb after his appointment to prophethood.
You could hardly expect the finished Bible to be infallible after it passed through so many hands.
TO the correspondents who suggested I took an "ill-informed and scaremongering" view of nuclear power generation last week, may I state the obvious that none of us are infallible. True, earthquakes and tsunamis are unlikely to strike Cemaes Bay, but can we honestly say that nothing bad could ever happen at Wylfa nuclear power station?
If the church hierarchy is certain about its stance on abortion, the bishops should make an infallible pronouncement to clear up any doubt.
Vatican I presented the pope as "an infallible belief-producing mechanism" (p.