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we find her saying something infallibly sensible, infallibly wise, which is such a rarity.
First of all, we have to keep in mind that TurkStat's calculations of GDP are not infallibly correct and they also have to include estimates, tendencies and educated guesses to a certain extent since adding up every single penny of added value produced in a country in a given time period is almost impossible.
In any case, legends often become part of the official culture: "Hans Kung, for example, has argued that Pope John Paul II's judgements on birth control and the ordination of women were as infallibly wrong as were those of his predecessors on astronomy and heliocentricity" (61-62).
In the revealing book New Perspectives on Contraception (Donald DeMarco) we read: "Scholars have provided highly detailed and lengthy argumentation that the Catholic Church's teaching concerning contraception has been infallibly taught by the ordinary magisterium under the conditions articulated by Vatican II in Lumen gentium.
But he was infallibly helpful and trotted out the necessary info for what must have been the 412th time in the previous two weeks.
Our way of living and beliefs are infallibly right.
Reflection on this fact leads to another question: why is it so important or even necessary for the pope and the bishops to have the authority to teach doctrine definitively and thus infallibly? The answer to this question is suggested by the history of the councils known as ecumenical.
Here's a sport that's just perfect for the summer months: it's infallibly easy, can be practised alone (the calm, the quiet) or in a group (making it an excellent family activity) and, of course, it's going to tone you up in no time.
I would ask him to read The Common Law by Oliver Wendell Holmes, in which the illusory nature of "truth" is explored, as well as the failings of human beings to perceive "truth" infallibly. Holmes asserts that the purpose of the legal system is to settle disputes in a manner satisfactory to the end of social peace, as "truth" is subject to "the prevalent moral and political theories, intuitions of public policy, avowed or unconscious" and is inherently subjective.
There are ultimately two ways to approach the appraisal of a book like this: the first (and only for those amongst us with the most infallibly encyclopaedic knowledge of music reference tools) would be to consider what is absent here, what's been missed or, where are those things that we'd think would be an essential inclusion were it we who had put such a guide together.
Artese argues that at the origin of modernism most new fiction took on one of two forms: 1) the fallible accounts of unreliable tellers, and 2) an omniscient mode that infallibly revealed the inner thoughts of multiple characters.
Well, not even Joe can overcome the problems we shall experience in remembering yesteryear's snows, but his dispatches from the Cold War front infallibly make us care, afresh, about them.