infamous conduct

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Karnegie had retired to her own room, justly indignant with her husband for his infamous conduct in handing "Mrs.
I fear there is no doubt, that this train of evil and its consequences, originated in the infamous conduct of some of our countrymen.
My father and brother had not made my marriage known to their acquaintance; because, in the very first letter I wrote to apprise them of the union--having already begun to experience extreme disgust of its consequences, and, from the family character and constitution, seeing a hideous future opening to me--I added an urgent charge to keep it secret: and very soon the infamous conduct of the wife my father had selected for me was such as to make him blush to own her as his daughter-in-law.
As per this notice,PM&DC is a civil court mandated to decide cases of negligence and infamous conduct of the registered medical and dental practitioners.
Erasmus fashioned a rhetorical rejoinder: if the idea is to do away with everything that can lend itself to infamous conduct, why not do away with enforced celibacy?
Infamous conduct prior to the recent Moseley Old Players Association lunch.