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Infant development specialists are special education teachers who work in early intervention, also called infant stimulation, usually in the client's home or occasionally in day care.
All of the infant stimulation in the world won't do any good if the child is not coming from a secure, trusting base," concludes Keyser.
The window in the tray--a design point inspired by consumer feedback--lets a child see his or her feet and the floor, which increases infant stimulation, according to Graco.
She answers, "In some cases my elderly patients come in dragging two and three toddlers with them, totally worn out from trying to keep up with them, all too often just letting them watch TV and yelling at them -- so much for infant stimulation and brain development.
The mothers not only received training in infant stimulation exercises, but also were exposed to modeling of parenting and child-care techniques by the staff, were involved in care-giving for their own and other infants for extended periods, and received the socioeconomic benefits of job training and a steady income.

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