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Yes," she added, turning to Trefusis with an infantile air of wanting to cry and being forced to laugh against her will, "you may laugh as much as you please--don't trouble to pretend it's only coughing--but we will write to his bishop, as he shall find to his cost.
He was a slightly ragged man, who spat skillfully between his shoes and possessed a great fund of bland and infantile assurance.
She had in fact had a glimpse of the Venetian world in its gossiping, home-keeping, parsimonious, professional walks; for I observed for the first time that she had acquired by contact something of the trick of the familiar, soft-sounding, almost infantile speech of the place.
In short, weighted by his seventy years, in the vast and silent loneliness of the North, Old Tarwater, as in the delirium of drug or anaesthetic, recovered within himself, the infantile mind of the child-man of the early world.
While speaking to the trapper he suffered his wandering glances to stray towards the intellectual and nearly infantile beauty of Inez, as one might be supposed to gaze upon the loveliness of an ethereal being.
Cheered by this prospect, the precocious boy applied himself to his infantile treadmill, with increased vigour.
Or, supposing him asleep, how infantile a quietude of conscience, and what wholesome order in the gastric region, are betokened by slumber so entirely undisturbed with starts, cramp, twitches, muttered dreamtalk, trumpet-blasts through the nasal organ, or any slightest irregularity of breath
Contract notice: service of execution of operations of reform, rehabilitation, updating, conservation and maintenance of infantile schools, centers of infantile and primary education and schools of dependent adults of the department of education
INSYS Therapeutics announced the initiation of a Phase 3 clinical trial to study cannabidiol oral solution for the treatment of infantile spasms, a rare type of pediatric epilepsy that occurs in very young children, with the first trial site's activation.
The FDA has granted Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) to its ABO-202 program (AAV-CLN1), an AAV-based gene therapy for the treatment of infantile Batten disease.
Infantile haemangiomas (IH) are the commonest benign vascular tumours in this age group and occur in up to 10% of children in the first year of life.
Infantile hemangiomas of the nose develop more complications than those at all other body sites combined, according to a report.